The first Eсo-Information-Resource centre in Uzbekistan.

Nowadays everyone knows about ecology problems. Surely, each of us thinks about how this problem concerns us. Someone thinks how he could become useful for the decision of these questions. The others wish to know more information about situation in the world, in region, the country or simply in our street. The question, concerning the rise of journalist’s professional skills of the central mass-media in the field of ecology and preservation of the environment is also very important. In Republic of Uzbekistan we can see many the most talented journalists who live by their work. They know about all occurring events and perfectly consult with the work. But, unfortunately, today ecojournalists are not enough. It is known, during an epoch of conventional of ecological crisis by necessity in the field of rational resources consumption and wildlife management, ecological safety of the population  is access to the ecological information.
On July, 21st ecojournalists of Uzbekistan has celebrated  the big holiday. In this significant day they had an information-resource centre which opens before them great opportunities. Thanks to centre opening, they will have an unimpeded access to the information. They can raise the qualification and potential, to improve the skills and knowledge, to exchange opinions and constantly learn something new. The idea of creation this similar centre belongs to noncommercial non-governmental organization "Ekomaktab" which together with OSCE, State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan and  ecological company “Chinor ENK” have embodied the given idea in a reality.
The main objectives of the opened information-resource centre are, first of all, mutuality of the information-methodical help to journalists in the process of preparation and printing materials and plots on TV or radio. Secondly, creation of possibilities for increase level of ecological awareness at the journalists, and then a reader's audience on a competent and regular basis.
Goals of the centre like this: mutuality of information-technical support to the journalists; an exchange of experience and creation the creative surroundings by preparation of materials in printing, tele-and radio mass-media; development and to strengthening of contacts and partner relations with leading nature protection and ecological departments of Uzbekistan.
Was planned creation of the information surroundings for creative development and cooperation in the journalistic environment by means of live dialogue and interchanging information between all members of the Network of Ecojournalists.
Thirdly, was planned formation of the information-technical base accessible to all interested journalists within the working day at creation of information-analytical materials on ecology and preservation of the environment.
Also was planned carrying out of media rounds with visiting of unique natural objects and design territories. It is obvious that to carry out any purposes without certain resources and a database it is practically impossible.  For this reason the eco-information-resource centre has been created with support of the Ecological publishing company «CHINOR ENK» which has the hugest long-term experience of the edition of magazine «Ecology habarnomasi - the Ecological Herald», owners of resources;;; and constant monitoring and accumulation of the ecological information.
This centre will give the actual information to all wishing journalists and so on. The information base of ecological organization "Ekomaktab" will also represent huge interest at visitors.
Resources “Ekomaktab” include intellectual resources of members of the Organization; experience on the organization and carrying out of ecological actions; experience on fundraising; attraction of volunteers; possibility of attraction of experts from the other countries and organizations.
It would be desirable to notice, that in the end of yesterday's action participants of opening information - resource centre have shared the impressions and have informed, that are very glad to learn about opening of such centre in our country.
 The professor, head of sub department of ecology of National University of Uzbekistan, Askar Nigmatov has paid attention that such centers we should have as much as possible, and having inspired by an example, plans to create the information-resource centre at the Tashkent State University.
Let's hope, that creation of the information-resource centre will really bring the big contribution to increase of professional skills of journalists, which works in the field of ecology.
J.Panina {jcomments on}