Water in Central Asia

Like everywhere in the world, water is the basis of life and pre-requisite for the economic development in Central Asia. However, the valuable resource in this region, characterized by both high mountains covered with snow and deserts, is limited and irregularly distributed. At the same time, agriculture and industry of different countries compete for use of water resources. This competition is increasing owing to climate changes all over the Earth. The science, in this case, can make its contribution by means of providing information and methods of optimized water resources management.
Sustainable water resources management expects presence of trustworthy and reliable data. Therefore, there is the necessity of unified metering of available water resources and water use in Central Asia. Taking into account this information, it is possible to forecast scenario of development for perspective and work out strategies of sustainable management of region water resources. However, all actions of the Central Asian countries should be coordinated in this case.
One goal units the scientists of many countries – to understand the processes influencing on water balance and what is the dynamics of interaction of subsoil and surface waters. Different kinds of seminars, symposiums and conferences on water problems allow unite the efforts of scientists and the practical workers.
The international scientific symposium ‘Water in Central Asia’ was opened on 24 November, in Tashkent. The German Research Center of the Earth GFZ jointly with Scientific and Information Center of Interstate Coordination Water Commission (NICICWC) are the organizers of this event. The symposium was organized with the financial support of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Federal Republic of Germany within the framework of the CAWa project, being the part of Central Asian Water Initiative ( also known as Berlin Process).
Scientists and specialists from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland, Germany, Afganistan, the Czech Republic, Russia and USA take part in the symposium. This representative forum shall discuss current achievements in the field of researches, new scientific methods and approaches for the resolving of water problems in Central Asia, regional priorities in research areas, support of the regional cooperation of different research institutes from Central Asia and European Union and many other issues.
The work of the symposium is divided into four sections:
- Availability of water in Central Asia: the past, the present and the future;
- Water management in agriculture: processes, modeling and implementation;
- Remote sounding and information systems for sustainable management of water and land resources;
- Dynamics of cryosphere and its role in the water cycle of Central Asia.
Since the first day of the symposium, its participants have been actively discussing reports, studding new methods and approaches to the resolution of water resources problem. All participants of the international scientific symposium ‘Water in Central Asia’ are united in one thing – the countries of Central Asia shall be able to optimize water resources management and provide stability of economic development only owing to common efforts.
The symposium shall continue its work till 26 November.

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