The poster «Where water, there and a life» was published.

Today questions of preservation of the environment draw to themselves attention not only in our country, but also all over the world. The special attention is given to protection of water resources - the world community is anxious by a long-term drought in Africa, China and other states. In these states because of deficiency of water agricultural crops perish, pets, extend various diseases. The United Nations Organization renders to these countries the gratuitous humanitarian .
In Republic of Uzbekistan for years of Independence was accepted a number of the Laws directed on preservation of the environment, including on water protection - the Republic of Uzbekistan Law «About water and water use». The state committee of Republic of Uzbekistan on Nature Protection conducts the rigid control over observance of nature protection Laws not only the enterprises, the organizations and establishments, but also citizens of the country. However it is not enough to supervise, it is necessary, that in actions of heads of a various link were considered a questions of preservation of the environment and especially questions of protection and rational use of water resources, pure potable water.
With that aim the Tashkent city committee of Nature Protection has developed, and the Ecological publishing company «Chinor ENK» has published the bright, colorful poster under the name «Where water, there and a life». In the accessible and simple form displayed the information on value of water in a life of a people, was give the 99 article of the Law of Republic of Uzbekistan «About water and water use». In it, in particular, it is offered to the enterprises, to the organizations, establishments and citizens it is forbidden to dump in water objects of industrial, household and other kinds of a waste and garbage. Also in this article it is spoken about an interdiction for pollution and a contamination of superficial spillways industrial, household both dumps and emissions which can entail deterioration of superficial and underground waters.
It some kind of an instruction for heads of various level, employees of the enterprises, the organization and establishments in the form of posters will be constant at them on a view. This constant reminder will help to save up water resources of the country from pollution; it is rational to use them. We hope that the poster will promote development of the reasonable, careful relation to water and water resources. 
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