Today is the World day of a Sea

The sea always caused genuine interest in all mankind throughout long centuries. Three quarters of the largest cities in the world are at coast of the seas and oceans. Almost 3,5 billion persons receive the basic source of food from oceans. At all times people composed various legends, myths and histories about the seas and storming waves. Poets and novelists sang and displayed the seas in bright paints in the creativity. In the seas there passed the most remembered fights in a world history. It is possible to result set of examples why for the seas have allocated special day in a year which is marked today.
The world day of the sea is one of the international days in United Nations Organization system. This holiday is celebrated annually since 1978 on September, 29th under the decision of 10 sessions of Assembly of the Intergovernmental sea advisory organization (International Maritime Organization, IMO).
The main objective of the World day of the sea considers attraction of attention of the international public to what irreplaceable damage to the seas and oceans is overfishing, by pollution of reservoirs and global warming. Two most important problems - safety increase on the sea and the prevention of pollution of the sea environment, in particular oil.
If we address to statistics, according to the United Nations, for last 100 years such kinds of fishes as a tuna, a cod, marlin have been caught on 90 %. About 21 million barrel oil annually pours out in the seas and oceans.
The synthetic waste dumped in large reservoirs, is a cause of death of one million sea birds and 100 000 sea mammals in a year. Because of global warming for last 100 years the water level in large reservoirs of a planet has risen on 10-25 centimeters. And these figures really frightening, also it is necessary to reflect, and what will be if it is all not stop further?
The question on a piracy - “the Piracy became a theme of the World day of the sea this year: answer preparation”. The world day of the sea - is spent 2011 within the limits of a week on September, 26-30th, 2011 and it was marked in headquarters IMO on Thursday, on September, 29th, 2011 where there has passed the solemn action devoted to the given event.
The subjects of the World day of the sea in 2011 are chosen so that ИМО could not only concentrate and make active the efforts for the decision of problems of a modern piracy, but also promote preparation of the wide, global reciprocal measures directed on eradication of this harm. Thus, the mentioned below purposes are planned for all year:
pressure Increase at political level for maintenance of immediate clearing of all hostages kept by pirates, first of all, seamen;
the Review and perfection of methods of a management, and also encouragement of full observance with courts of all recommendations and preventive measures on safety and protection;
Assistance to higher level of support from fleet;
Assistance to strengthening of coordination in the field of struggle against a piracy and cooperation between the states, regions and the organizations;
Proceeding from all planned problems, people believe, that destiny of the seas in reliable hands, and with impatience wait, that figures of inhabitants of the seas will be not only not to be reduced, and every year to replenish and please with the existence.