Young Power Engineering Specialists were Told about the Ozone Layer

    Since 1993 the Republic of Uzbekistan have been the party of the Montreal protocol and followed the regime of its observance. In 2001 the Ozone Office, under the State Committee for Nature Protection, at the Main Department for Protection of Atmospheric Air, began its work. It is just the body that carries out the coordination of actions on the implementation of the national program on ceasing of ODS (ozone-depleting substances) use.

    There are a number of different measures in the calendar plan of the Ozone Office in Uzbekistan. They all differ by their content, goals and tasks and also by the target audience of certain activity.
    The work on raising of awareness of the community about the problem of ozone layer depletion, the measures undertaken for its conservation, methods of self-protection from harmful ultra-violet radiation and opportunity to contribute into the conservation of the ozone layer is the important component in the cycle of the work measures of the Ozone Office.
    The students of the Tashkent State Technical University (TashSTU) became the participants of the awareness program at this stage.The lecture on the ‘Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Basis of Ecological Safety’ was important addition to the theoretical course of life safety and general ecology. Students expressed their interest to this topic asking rich in content questions. For example, whether launch of spaceships and airplanes intensifies the process of ozone screen depletion; or the question about interrelation of the climate changes and depletion of the ozone layer. Then the students received the opportunity to test themselves by filling in the questionnaire. You, dear readers, can also try to answer the questions of the questionnaire.
    Whether we can feel or see the UV rays when we are in open space. Or the next question – ‘whether the assertion that goods containing ODS are dangerous only when they are used, is correct’.
    Then all student group was divided into three teams, each team was assigned a certain task or rather roles. The first team should defend the position of ecologists, the second – the position of business and the third team, after listening all arguments for and against during debates, should take the decision on construction of  a plant at the territory of the Tashkent city. All debate should follow the course of protection of  the atmospheric air and ozone layer.
    The fascinating work of the young power engineering specialists was interrupted by bell signaling the end of the first lecture for the group of the third course of the Department of Energetics.
    The employees of the Ozone Office are planning to hold awareness measures for the students of the Automatic Management System Department of TashSTU in  near  future.

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