Uzbekistan celebrates the World day of Ozone protection.

In 1994 the General Assembly has proclaimed on September, 16th the International day of protection of an ozone layer. Since then annually on September, 16th is spent the important date for the world community - the International day of protection of ozone layer of the Earth which celebrating this year under the motto: «removal hydro- fluorine- chlorine - carbon - unique possibility». This theme is really urgent, as before many countries including Uzbekistan; within the limits of performance of requirements of the Montreal report stands the short-term problem - the accelerated refusing from consumption hfcc .
In Republic of Uzbekistan the government pays huge attention and spent corresponding activity on Ozone layer protection. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Republic of Uzbekistan from January, 24th, 2000 № 20 «About measures on performance of the international obligations of Republic of Uzbekistan under contracts in the field of ozone layer protection» has been developed the National program on use termination of ozonedestroed substances in Republic of Uzbekistan. Coordination of actions on performance of the National program carries out Office on management of replacement (further Ozone office), functioning since 2001 at the State committee of Republic of Uzbekistan on Nature Protection  in Central administrative board on protection of atmospheric air. Performance of the National program is carried out by means of realization of some scale projects, such as: working out and introduction legislative and regulatory measures, creation of potential in the field of service of a refrigerating machinery, the customs control, carrying out of the wide information company on informing of the population on the termination of use hfcc and stage-by-stage to reduction of consumption hfcc without damage to managing subjects of republic.
This year with a view of attraction of greater public attention of our country to a policy of protection of an ozone layer by employees of Republic of Uzbekistan State Committee  of Nature Protection and Ozone office will carry out the actions devoted to celebrating by this ecofamous date in the form of session of "Press club" with participation of representatives of mass-media, fascinating lessons and ecological holidays for children at schools of a city of Tashkent and all areas of Uzbekistan.
All these scale actions are the closing stage of the Ecological Marathon «OZON.UZ». A result which there is a leading of competition for teachers «On the best lesson» and children's drawing «we will keep an ozone layer», and as rewarding of journalists for the best creative material devoted to this theme.
hfcc -  hydro- fluorine- chlorine - carbon