The First Results of the World Day of Autumn Birds Monitoring

   Every year on the first days off of the October the ornithologists and birds lovers from different countries of the world mark the days of autumn birds monitoring. The goal of this measure is to attract people’s attention to the ‘feathered world’, to the problems of the protection of their habitats and nature at large. On these days children and adults, ornithologists-professionals and also  representatives of different professions unindifferent to the nature count birds. This interesting action assists in the raise of knowledge level about birds and nature. The results such mass simultaneous registration have great scientific importance. The data received in each country are processed in the national centers and then integrated.
   On 3 October the members of the student club ‘Phasianus’ of the Uzbekistan Society for Protection of Birds first in this year take part in autumn birds registration. They chose slopes of the mountains over the Khojikent settlement for carrying out of registration. This place was not accidently selected, because the corridor of the migration ways of many our flying winged friends flying away to warm regions for wintering passes over the settlement. 18 species of birds were fixed during five hours of monitoring. There were Common Buzzard / Buteo buteo/, Short-toed Eagle /Cicaetus gallicus/, Cinerous Vulture /Aegypius monachus/, Common Quail /Coturnix coturnix/, Black Headed Gull /Chroicocephalus ridibundus/, Common Wood Pigeon /Columba palumus/, Chiffchaff /Phyllscopus collybita/, Mistle Thrush /Turdus viscivorus/, Yellow-breasted Tit /Cyanistes flavipectus/, Himalayan Goldfinch /Carduclis caniceps/ among them. On the way back about 4000 of Black-headed Gulls were flying over the Chirchik River during 30 minutes.
    All data received as a result of the implementation of the World day of Autumn Birds monitoring will be analyzed and entered into the international data base of birds monitoring AviCA. The Uzbekistan Society for Protection of Birds thanks all who respond to our call to catty out the birds monitoring on the first days of October.

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