Bird of Year 2011

    2010 year, devoted to Wagtails, is coming to the end. The Uzbekistan Society for Protection of Birds (UzSPB) took a decision to continue conducting campaigns ‘Bird of Year’ at its general meeting in March 2010. The White-winged Woodpecker /Dendrocopos leucopterus/ was selected after discussions for next information and enlightenment campaign ‘Bird of Year 2011’.
    Natural habitat of White-winged Woodpecker is completely located within the territory of Central Asian republics, Mongolia and China.
    The White –winged Woodpecker is the only resident and nesting specimen of the Picidae subfamily in Uzbekistan.
    Appearance and behavior of the White-winged Woodpecker are very typical. It cannot be mixed with any other species. It is very easy to watch this bird because it is day bird, is not afraid of people and can be met almost all over the territory of our country.
    The White-winged Woodpecker is the typical inhabitant of plain riparian forests and mountainous broad-leaved forests, thickets of saksaul, forest-parks and parks of cities.
    The White-winged Woodpecker is the typical specimen of fauna of Eurasian deserts and semi-deserts and also the indicator of conditions of forest-plantings.
    Insect-pests of forest make up considerable part of White-winged Woodpecker’s food that is why this bird is very useful and needs protection.
    Following the Resolution of UNO General Assembly, 2011 is declared ‘The international Year of Forest’. It is another argument for the White-winged Woodpecker, the typical inhabitant and protector of forest deserving attention as the ‘Bird of Year 2011’.
    So, the candidature of the ‘Bird of Year 2011’ is approved. The executive directorate of UzSPB in near future will start searching for funds and preparing necessary materials to launch the next traditional campaign ‘Bird of Year 2011’ in February- March of coming year.
Happy New Year and best wishes!

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