New web site about reserves

UNDP in Uzbekistan - GEF and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan  «Strengthening of stability of national system of protected natural territories by focusing on reserve» presented on April, 22nd  the Web site of the project and has organized the next meeting of Work Group members on monitoring of key elements of a biodiversity.Biodiversity is main problem in ecological organizations activity. All efforts of state and public organizations on flora and fauna preservation will be vague without attraction of various strata of society. It is necessary to use all available possibilities: radio, television, the press and the internet  resources to increase awareness and knowledge of the public concern biodiversity preservation. In our country, the basic emphasis at biodiversity preserve do by developing system of protected natural territories. Uzbekistan has joined the Convention on biodiversity preservation, has developed National strategy, a number of the international projects work in this direction.
One of projects, UNDP in Uzbekistan - GEF and Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan  «Strengthening of stability of national system of protected natural territories by focusing on reserves» for the purpose of increase  knowledge of the population about spent activity of the project, has created a web site which settles down on a web site of executive agency –  Central forest administrative board at the Ministry of rural and water management of the Republic of Uzbekistan –
The site contains sections: main, the project (the purposes and project problems, management and partners), news, the legislation (the international legislation and the national legislation), reserves, the general data, gallery, references, questions-answers.
In view of that the population located in rural areas should become potential users of a site, the site has been developed in minimum volume, for possibility of successful usage of a site in rural areas and, the basic materials in it are in Uzbek language. Besides, was considered possibility to integrate the web site with site of Forest Management.
Participants of a meeting have been acquainted with the site of the project with its sections and possibilities. Besides, during presentation recommendations about improvement of work of the site and the information which they would like to see on site have been stated.
For development of joint efforts on improvement of overall performance of protected natural territories and developments of partner relations between national parks and organizations which are responsible for their management, the project initiated creation of interdepartmental working group under the account of key elements of a biodiversity in reserves of Uzbekistan in the end of 2009.
In 2010 accounts of number of animals in protected territories, including Zerafshansky, Kyzyl kum reserves, Badaj-Tugaj and an ecocenter  of "Dzhejran" have been spent. Results of accounts have been discussed at the meetings spent with support of the project in June and November, 2010.
During the current year it is planned to spend accounts of number of animals in reserves  and on the basis of available experience and the received knowledge to prepare uniform methodical recommendations for use in all Republic reserves.
At the given meeting results of work of group in 2010 and the received lessons have been discussed, and also the detailed plan of work of group for 2011 is coordinated.

Zarema Akhmatova  {jcomments on}