Modern ways of beekeeping methods.

On June, 28th,Association of farms of Uzbekistan together with OSCE representation in Uzbekistan within the limits of 5 phases of the project «farming Development in Uzbekistan with assistance of the Center of technical and scientific cooperation MASHAB have opened 4 day a seminar-training on a theme« Modern ways and beekeeping methods ».
The trainers became Haim Kalev and Ieshuahu Vais, leading experts-beekeepers from Israel State, experts of MASHAB. Participants of seminar-training became Representatives of the Ministry rural and a water management of Republic of Uzbekistan, Association of farms of Uzbekistan, farmers-beekeepers of the Tashkent area. The decree of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan from March, 23rd, 2006 “About measures of encouragement and development of animal industries in private farmsteads, peasant and farm enterprises” and the Decision from April, 21st, 2008 “About additional measures on expansion of production in animal industries and also strengthening of encouragement of increase in a number of cattle in private farmsteads, peasant and farm enterprises” have served as a new step in animal industries development in Uzbekistan. This new bee-farming and the pisciculture reform yields the positive results. As confirmation to it is served the Program “Measures of beekeeping on development in the Republic in 2009-2011”, accepted by the Cabinet of Republic of Uzbekistan in 2009, including creates 220 new farms which will be engaged in beekeeping.
Carrying out the given Program and for the purpose of the accelerated development of farms, incumbent the beekeeping, to them has transfers 44367 beehives, 337648 beer frameworks, 667 protective means, 681 masks and other stocks. Paid by the country government the huge attention to beekeeping has allowed to enrich material base, to involve new technologies, to raise efficiency.
Haim Kalev and Ieshuahu Vais have planed to share with participants of seminar-training in the newest ways and methods of the maintenance of bees in beehives, to tell about requirements to hygiene a beehive, and the most important thing to train in modern ways of struggle with varroatosus - the most malicious enemy of bees.
From the first hours of seminar-training «Modern ways and beekeeping methods» participants began to set quite qualified practical questions, surprising the Israeli experts by their knowledge.
And at once it became clear, that this is have gathered the person’s holdings the same views, anxious by improvement of the work, increase of efficiency of honey from one beer family. The seminar-training «Modern ways and beekeeping methods» will continue his work in Tashkent still three days, and trainers planned the demonstration of modern ways and methods for the fourth day in one of the beekeeping enterprise of the Tashkent area.
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