UNO Program on the stream

UNO Program promotes restoration of woods and improvement of a life of peasants. Riparian woodlands of Karakalpakstan are an integral part of a life of peasants. In the past riparian woodlands occupied the huge areas along Amu Darya. Now for a variety of anthropogenous character causes their area was reduced to 90 %.
Process of degradation of woods now is going on. More than 96 thousand inhabitant’s near riparian woodlands auls prepare here a firewood, a building material, collect medicinal grasses and fruits, pasture cattle.
Riparian at coasts of reservoirs are favorite vacation spot of townspeople in exhausting summer heat. Timber enterprises annually spend a tree-planting. But this effort any more does not suffice.
For restoration and preservation riparian woods the project of representation of the Program of Development of the United Nations and Global Ecological Fund in Uzbekistan initiated communal conducting of forestry.
Together with Management of a forestry of Republic of Karakalpakstan were chosen and transferred to the local residents on mutually advantageous conditions- sites of the degraded woods. Here tenants of communal forestry from among inhabitants near riparian auls spend tree-planting and grow up agricultural production for the purposes in row-spacing. As a result in a prize there were both of parties.
Timber enterprises receive the restored well-groomed wood.   And people have a source of additional incomes.
«Now our family is not necessary to buys on a market vegetables, cucurbitaceous, white durra and mung bean. Moreover, we sell surpluses of grown up production, and it is considerable help for our family’s budget» - said one of tenants of communal forestry Azat Begimov.
The contribution of project UNO Program to development of communal forestry is multilateral.
Employees of the project have revealed potential tenants from local community.
To the first tenants was gave support in acquisition of saplings. On remote for watering sites five tubular wells are established and were given three hydro pumps.
Initiated by representation PROON project in The Uzbekistan communal forestry successfully develops, involving all new participants.
During realization of this project the number of tenants has reached -18 persons. It is landed more than 15 thousand saplings wood and fruit-trees on a total area in 87 hectares.
Restoration of woods by forces of local population is examples of family business in which all members of a family are participate.
At least, 100 persons, including 40 women, are provided by work and have additional incomes.
Communal forestry and reafforestation are an example of mutually advantageous cooperation of local population and the state.
Restoring riparian woods, people not only improve the financial position, but also bring the powerful contribution to preservation of a region’s biodiversity.
The assistant to the project on public relations, O.Shegaj .
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