Desertification – is not a verdict!

Desertification and drought process is one of serious ecological calls of the present and demands acceptance of necessary measures on struggle against these natural and technogenic phenomena.
In 55-th article of the Constitution of Republic of Uzbekistan it is defined: «the Earth, its bowels, waters, vegetative both fauna and other natural resources are national riches, it is a subject to rational use and protected by the state».
It testifies that in our country preservation of the environment, including ground resources is one of the priority problems, and management of ground resources is regulated by the basis of the Constitution.
Uzbekistan has accepted active participation in all stages of preparation of the Convention on struggle against desertification and a drought and one of the first has signed it on December, 7th, 1994. This Convention has been ratified by Oliy Majlis on August, 31st, 1995.
Accepted in a days of independence the Ground code, laws «About a farm», «About peasant’s economy», «About the state ground cadastre» and other documents form a legal basis of effective and rational use of ground resources in our country.
Considering importance of improvement of a ameliorative condition of the irrigated lands, have been accepted: the Decree of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan «About measures on radical perfection of system for ameliorative improvement of lands» (from October, 29th, 2007 № UP-3932) and the Decision of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan «About the activity organization of ameliorative improvement under the Ministry of Finance RU» (from October, 31st, 2007 № software-718).
One of the basic directions of the Program, confirmed by the Decision of Cabinet of Republic of Uzbekistan (from September, 19th, 2008 № 212), is improvement of a ameliorative condition of the earths, restoration the lands which was broken as a result of carrying out of mountain and other works.
As a result of performance within the limits of the Republican and territorial programs the ameliorative condition of the lands on the area of 32,98 thousand in hectares (from the beginning of realization of 91,36 thousand in hectares) in Bukhara, Kashkadariya, Surkhan-Darya, Namangan and Navoiy areas are improved. And have been returned to use of 459, 8 hectares.
The Republics of Uzbekistan Goskomprirody is developed a number of standard documents in the field of protection of soils, for example:
-    «Position by definition of the damage by burning of an eddish of grain crops ….» which is registered in the Republic of Uzbekistan Ministry of Justice (№ 1647 from 25.12.2006);
-    The interdepartmental document «Methodical instructions on the organization and control for mining reclamation the earths which was broken by mountain developers» which are confirmed by the order of « Sanoatkontehnazorat » in 2011;
-    Developed «the Instruction about an order of conducting works on liquidation and preservation of the dangerous industrial objects connected with using bowels».
There is an indissoluble communication between a condition of the lands and quality and quantity of underground and superficial waters. Deficiency of water resources conducts to infringement of hydrological and hydro-geological behaviors of waters, degradation of the earths, degradation and loss ecosystem, to threat of food safety, deterioration of the population’s health. In our country is spent a very considerable work on preservation of water resources and natural potential as a whole by strengthening of the national legislation, quality management of waters, by expansion of water security zones of the rivers, channels, and other protected natural territories.
The republic of Uzbekistan is the party of the Convention on a biological variety, the Bonn convention on migrating kinds of wild animals, Conventions on international trade in kinds of wild fauna and flora, and the Ramsarsky convention.    

The decision of environmental problems cannot be limited to scales of one country, they are necessary for solving on the scale of all region and all planet. It is obvious, that many problems of protection of a surrounding environment from harmful influence of economic activities of the person have global character and, therefore, can be solved only by the basis of the international and regional cooperation.
Aksenova L. Goskomprirody(The Republic of Uzbekistan).
Minaev M. {jcomments on}