New Model "Keep and increase"

Steady growth of population in the Earth should be provided by foodstuffs growth, by foodstuffs ecologically pure and safe. Uncontrolled use of various growth factors, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers leads to negative consequences which negatively influencing on population’s health. Recent events in Germany when the population has poisoned with a colon bacillus of an unknown origin is a vivid example to it.
Considering all told above on June, 13th in Rome (Italy) the Food and agricultural organization of UNO declared start of the important initiative directed on ecologically steady growth of the foodstuffs for increasing population of the Earth.
The appeal to a steady intensification of manufacture after half a century after Green revolution contains in the new book "to Keep and increase", published by Department of plant growing and protection of plants (ФАО).
The new approach is directed for work first of all with small farmers in developing countries.
Creation of healthy agrarian ecological systems will allow needy farmer families in developing countries (nearby 2, 5 billion people) to raise productivity and to direct savings on public health services and formation.
Green revolution has rescued from hunger about billion people and has provided the population of the Earth (which has doubled during the period with 1960 for 2000 to six billion of persons), more than sufficient volume of the foodstuffs.
However the existing paradigm of intensive agriculture does not cope with problems of a new millennium. To achieve agriculture growth, it is necessary to retrench.
The approach «Economy and growth» partially based on nature protection methods of agriculture which exclude or reduce to a minimum plough upping the lands, keeping thus healthy structure of soils. Vegetative waste leaves on fields, and grain crops alternate with bean which enrich soil.
To other methods developed by this model "to Keep and increase» and its partners for last several years, is a exact irrigation, using each drop of water for growth of plants, and also exact application of fertilizers which can double quantity of the nutrients necessary for plants.
One more key element is the complex control of wreckers interfering distribution of populations of wreckers and reducing dependence on pesticides.
Model "to Keep and increase" includes ecosystem approach which uses such natural phenomena as organic structure of soils, regulation of a drain of waters, pollination and the predators which destroying wreckers.
Decades of intensive agriculture have led to degradation of the fertile earths, an exhaustion of subsoil waters, air pollution, soils and waters, have provoked invasions of wreckers, and have broken a biodiversity.
In our country there is a direct help to farmers and peasants in development and agriculture intensification. Soft loans are allocated; new high-yielding grades of the agricultural crops are nurtured and insinuated into practice, the strengthened rate the processing branch on a village develops. The powerful stimulus for this purpose has been served an announcement of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan: “2011 year - Year of a small-scale business and private business”. In the developed by the Government program the big attention is given to cultivation, processing and storage of agricultural production by private businessmen.
We are hope, that following the results of a year manufacture and processing of agricultural production will grow and harvest of people of Uzbekistan becomes richer.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}