Technologies via traditions, legislation, science and education

Sustainable and rational use of water resources in Uzbekistan is one of the priority problems in the policy of our state. A problem of water for our hot climate especially during a summer season – is very vital.
From the moment of independence finding, Uzbekistan has accepted a number of laws and the decrees directed towards rational use of water resources. These laws have provided considerable progress with a view of water use improvement. Despite of the notable progress reached for last two decades, there are still the problems demanding the decision. These problems are such as lack of knowledge and skills of the decision in a water economic questions which demand the complex approach, with understanding of traditions. They should support by the legislation, science and education.
Considering an urgency of the given question, on July, 6-7th, 2011 in hotel Shodlik Palace has taken place a two-day seminar. The theme was: «Sustainable use of water resources in Uzbekistan: technologies via traditions, legislation, science and education».
The seminar has been dated for the 20 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and has been organized by Ecological movement of Uzbekistan with assistance of UNESCO Representation in Uzbekistan. Many people have taken part in seminar work:  deputies of Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, active workers of the Youth wing and Ecological movements of Uzbekistan, representatives and young scientists of the Tashkent institute of irrigation and land improvements, scientists of National University of Uzbekistan, Urgench State University, the Tashkent State Technical and Turin Universities, VodGeo, GidroinGeo and Institute of water problems Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan also have taken part. Representative’s NGO, the international organizations and mass-media also participated.
Association of efforts of politicians and scientists for the decision of the modern problems connected with use of water resources in Uzbekistan became a seminar overall objective.
During this seminar has been received review of traditions, the scientific and educational ideas necessary for improvement for use of water resources in Uzbekistan. Such as a new water security technologies, etc.
With opening speech has spoken the vice-speaker of Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Chairman of Central Kengash of Ecological movement of Uzbekistan - B.Alikhanov. He has noted importance of a considered problem, how much humanity is defenseless from invasion of technogenic accidents. It is necessary to be vigilant and attentive, not creating the own hands similar threats.
At the seminar have been considered and brought for discussion such questions as culture and traditions of water use in Central Asia, water problems of the Central Asia, a safety and sustainable development problem, priorities of development of hydrogeology, the water savings and protection of water resources and many other things.
Broad propaganda of such approaches and technologies is based on integration of various forms of the knowledge existing at various levels from experts to representatives of a civil society.
This propaganda is directed on all-round understanding of interrelation between the water use and surrounding environment.
It creates a basis for effective participation of the public with a view of protection of water resources and environment together with official bodies. The basis at partnership level is created.
During these discussions by participants of a seminar has been noted special importance of wide propaganda of traditions, knowledge, skills and technologies of water savings and protection of water resources.
It’s pleasant to realize, that despite of existing problems, our country pays due attention to the questions of reasonable use of water resources, developments and introductions of the newest technologies of water use. We will hope, that ahead of us waits for the much successfully realized projects and impressing results.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}