Beauty of Sayhun’s riparian forests.

The "Sayhun" enterprise was created by the order of the Cabinet of Republic of Uzbekistan № 224-f from 7.07.95y. It is an enterprise of nature protection appointment. This economy is organized for the purpose of preservation of riparian complex, a coastal zone of the Syr-Darya River and this area is a structural object of State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Big riparian wood begins from the road bridge on the left coast of the river Syr-Darya and along to a motorway (nearby 800). Riparian forest is presented basically by trees Asiatic poplar (Populus diversifolia) of different age, and also all kinds of riparian vegetation. The coastal part of riparian forest is annually filled in with water during a spring high water. In riparian woods live all kinds of «riparian» animals - pheasants, jackals, pigeon and many other kinds of birds. Thanks to territory protection there many years live a family of wild boars.
Only in two places has remained riparian forest - in enterprise - «Dalverzine» and in «Sayhun». Therefore the preservation question of riparian complex as unique ecosystem should be considered as the most important. Now «Sayhun» is interesting object for ecological tourism and involves with possibility to admire beauty of the river Syr-Darya, an originality of riparian landscape, its unique flora and fauna.
One of the attractions of this enterprise is the lake. It was formed in 60th years. Earlier it was a channel of the Syr-Darya River, doing in this place a loop. Then water has washed out a direct way, and "loop" has turned to lake. The lake has a soil communication with the river - the water level in the river rises, and level in lake is also rises.
Now the lake has strongly grown with reed vegetation. In lake it is not enough a fish. Therefore in the given economy are engaged in cultivation of baby fishes which further fill up piscifauna of lakes and the rivers. In 2007 it has been made stocking lakes by a silver carp and a grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella-400 kg on 100-120 gram.) The Additional weight of a silver carp has made 500-600 gram, a grass carp to 900-100 gram.

 Translation: Minaev M. {jcomments on}