Goals of «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz»

Among nature-protection organizations of Uzbekistan are not only state, but also public organizations. For example, the Union of sports societies of hunters and fishers of Uzbekistan «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz», which uniting hunters and fishers of our country on the basis of a generality of their interests.

First congress of «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz» has taken place on August, 15th, 1959 and has united in the integrated republican organization isolated regional hunting and fishing societies, has been accepted the regulations of «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz» and corresponding republican symbolic. Nowadays, «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz» unites more than 30 thousand hunters and fishers.
It would seem that this organization uses only natural riches of Republic. Actually primary goals of «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz» are: education at members of a society of the careful relation to the nature and its riches, their involving in active work on preservation, enrichment and rational use of hunting-fishing resources.
«Membership dues of hunters and fishers, means from realization of permissions to hunting and fishing the  «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz» uses on carrying out biotechnical and reproduction actions on fixed gare reserves, spends registration works, involving for this purpose experts of Institute of Zoology Academy sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan., - says chairman of «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz»  Sobir Salihovitch Ayupov. - huntsmen and experts in gamekeeping of our society have no rights to catch independently and fine the poachers. Therefore we together with workers of the State committee of Republic of Uzbekistan on Nature Protection carry out protection of the hunting lands from poachers».
Now for «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz» it is attributed 815 thousand hectares of the hunting lands on which function 46 hunting economy and stopping point. Protection of grounds carries out about 100 huntsmen and 10 experts in gamekeeping.
In them members of «Uzbekohotribilovsoyuz» also spend hunting and fishing in the legal period. Russian article: R.Ibragimov


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