Ecotourism as an example of reasonable nature protection.

Uzbekistan - is my native corner of the world where are many the most unique corners with the fine and unique nature, cultural and historical sights. Our ancient cities are popular among tourists all over the world. From all corners of globe people gather to have a look at of what we so are proud - East gem - Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara-Hiva.

All would like to travel on the Great Silk Way, to look at ancient architectural monuments of great people and to like the atmosphere existing during those far times. Certainly, all it is madly interesting and fascinating. But today we live during a globalization epoch when the life is not necessary on a place; we constantly are in a movement.
And consequently, always it is necessary to open something new and more interesting constantly to move forward and to keep up to time. The stream of tourists in our country does not stop for a minute, but it is necessary to notice, that those who has visited one or two times, hardly will want to return, as they already had possibility to familiarize with historical sights of our oldest cities. And consequently before us stands a problem - how to involve both new and old tourists in our country. What can we offer to them, besides travel to the past?
Recently all of us hear the term “ecological tourism” is more often. For today in Uzbekistan the given sphere not so developed, as all of us would like it. But it is necessary to notice, that gradually given type of service and entertainments grows and will be very soon accessible to the wide public. What ecotourism is represents?  
Ecotourism is a surprising travel to the world of the untouched nature, on purpose to receive representation about natural and cultural-ethnographic features of the given district which does not break thus integrity ecosystems and creates such economic conditions at which wildlife management and natural resources becomes favorable to local population.
It is considered, that Uzbekistan is an ideal place where it is possible to develop ecological tourism intensively. Our country has unusual both various flora and fauna, in territory of our state there are unique reserves, national parks, biospheric reservations, riparian forests, deserts and many other things. All these places are represented by huge interest, as well as for inhabitants of the country, and for tourists as a whole. In Uzbekistan were various meetings devoted to development ecotourism both in our country, and in region as a whole. For example, last week in Bukhara area in the Ecocenter “Djeyran” (Persian gazelle) has been spent the round table, concerning the given subjects. First of all Persian gazelles are wild and unique animals who are very difficult for taming and growing up. Such centre is not present anywhere all over the world and consequently it represents genuine interest for general public. Also the centre settles down in so-called “a gold triangle”, on crossing of the historical cultural centers - Bukhara - Shahrisabs - Samarkand. Also it is necessary to notice, that the ecocenter will represent interest not as separate tourism product, and as an additional component to the tourist products basic and ready for today. The ecocenter “Djeyran” is one of the most unique natural places where it is possible and it is necessary to develop ecological tourism. It is impossible to hide such miracle from a look of people which could estimate this place on advantage.
The main objective of the spent round table consisted in discussing how it is possible to transform the Ecocenter “Djeyran” into a favorite place of visitors and tourists. During this action has been spent fascinating excursion on all territory of the Ecocenter “Djeyran”. To a look of the invited have been shown both old territory of the centre, and the new area which has been allocated by it in 2008. Participants of a meeting could see and familiarize personally with mountain goats, horses of Przhevalsky, of course with Persian gazelle and many other animals representatives of a biodiversity.
The director of Ecocenter Erkin Yuldashev has given a brief information, history and value of the centre in biodiversity and wildlife management preservation. It has been noticed, that for today the ecocenter is a world famous nursery on cultivation of rare species of animals with a unique biodiversity of desert Kyzyl Kum.
It would be desirable to believe, that the given meeting will serve as a powerful push for development of ecological tourism in an ecocenter “Djeyran”, that will be created such routes which will not put injure to our nature, will be developed new technologies which could interest tourists and set of other details which will promote strengthening ecotourism as a whole in our country.

Minaev M. {jcomments on}