Dedicated to the World Day of habitat protection

On October, 5th  it has taken place the press conference dedicated to the World Day of habitat protection at the National press centre of Uzbekistan. Organizers of the event were State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Gosbiocontrol, ecological publishing company “Chinor ENK” with the support of the OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan.
This event was provided in the framework of the republican contest “Qoplon-2011” for the best journalistic work in the field of environment conservation and sustainable development. The goal of this contest is increasing a level of awareness and participation of the population in decision of environment issues and ecology. Today Uzbekistan has approached to celebrate this date with excellent results. Forward-looking ecological policy directed for maintenance of favorable conditions for future generation, is expressed in expansion of the areas  of protected natural territories and creation new: national natural parks, reserves, biospheric  reserve
The positive example of expansion of habitat protection are creation of Nijniy Amudarinskiy State Biospheric Reserve.  Protected natural territories play important role in providing of natural  balance, they are the centers of ecological stability and restoration natural ecosystems.
The role of representatives of mass media in increasing of ecological literacy of the population is very important, therefore it is necessary to involve the public, institutes of a civil society in the decision  problem of biodiversity preservation.
Thanks to actions in the field of the state management on the organization, protection and use of protected natural territories, joint efforts of public authorities on places, and also special representatives of the state bodies  and the public organizations, protected territories of the Republic  of Uzbekistan should make the uniform interconnected system providing long-term preservation both the biodiversity, and a habitat of its dwelling.  {jcomments on}