World Whale and Dolphin Day

Today, on 23th of June, everyone praise the biggest inhabitants of the sea’s depths - whales, and also the most charming underwater mammals – dolphins. World Whale and Dolphin Day was established in 1986, when The International Whaling Commission officially banned whaling. After two hundred years of merciless extermination some species of mammals, like rorqual, balaenidae, bowhead whales appeared to be at the edge of extinction, what proves that IWC’s decision was very up-to-time. Nowadays all countries follow the ban on whaling, and it seems that underwater giants are out of danger. It is nothing more than illusion. Unfavorable ecological situation and active anthropogenic impact on the aquatic environment  does harm to the mammals. It’s too early to say that whaling is our past, though it was banned in 1986. Whaling still exists under mask of scientific goals. Anyhow, whales and dolphins always were more of spiritual mammal for a man than one of a “laboratory rabbit” kind. Some ancient people believed dolphins to be the connecting link of the two worlds, which are earth and the sky. Dolphins being an essential part of the myths and folklore greatly influenced modern art as well. Sci-fi writers have their own strong passion for dolphins. In their books dolphins take the very unusual forms, roles and appearances. Wide-known belief of dolphin to be a human “friend” made these mammals very popular within cinema. Whales, though, don’t let their smaller brothers to get way more popular than them. One of the most popular novels nowadays is still a Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick, or The Whale”. 

Dolphintherapy – a new way to fight depression

This direction in psychiatry was found in 70s, when British scientists noticed that interaction with dolphins has a positive influence on man’s health. Later, physicians found out that contact with marine animals helps to get over a large variety of diseases – from autism and Down syndrome to memory, hearing and speaking disorders.

Dolphintherapy is helpful both to children and adults. Dolphins help to achieve peace of mind, take the stress away, fight with depression.

Moreover, they provide the effect of sonophoresis. The effect of physiotherapy is that animals impact on the nervous system and other human organs at the cellular level by means of their ultrasonic sonar.

Facts about whales and dolphins

-    Blue whale is the biggest animal on the Earth. Baby whale increase his weight by 80-100 kg a day! And up to the age of the year and a half he weighs 45-50 tons and his length is about 20 metres!
-    Whales have the biggest brain!
-    They can avoid sleeping for three months, avoid eating for eight months, avoid breathing for two hours and pass gigantic distances
-    When whale reaches water surface, he gets rid of the used air. That is the “fountain” which every child paints when you ask him to paint a whale.
-    Dolphins swim in circles and watch for predator with their one eye. After some time they swim back and then watch with another one.
-    Average speed of dolphin is 5-12 km per hour. Dolphins live in flocks in which every of them are relatives, they always help a weakened dolphin to stay near water surface for him to breath. There were a lot of occasions, when dolphin helped a drowning man.
-    Dolphins can’t see things that are toward them. They have to lay on one of their sides and examine then with one eye.
-    Dolphins use echolocation function in order to find food. It works like radar.
-    There’s 32 species of sea dolphins and four species of river dolphins.
-    They like to play and interact with people, especially children.  {jcomments on}