Environmental Initiatives - Perspective and Opportunities

According to the provisions of the Concept of further deepening the democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country, the environmental and health NGOs of the republic is facing new socially important problems, which are reflected in the grant program of the Public Foundation to support NGOs and with other civil society institutions at the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan 2011.

 As known, on April 19 of this year held a meeting of the Parliamentary Commission for funds management of the Public Foundation, where also being considered issues of allocating funds for survey projects on ecology and health. Major components financed from the Public Foundation and active supported by the eco-movement are aspects of regional and territorial programs, such as improving ecological status and accomplishment of cities and settlements reducing the harmful effects of industrial production on ecosystem, improving the health care system and the protection of gene pool; cultural development of everyday life in the countryside, especially its sanitary and environmental aspects, etc. One of the important forms of development assistance is a NGOs Grant Program of the Public Foundation to support NGOs and other civil society institutions supported by the Oliy Majlis. Under the financial support of the Public Foundation for Environmental Movement of Uzbekistan and its partners from relevant NGOs made several projects to overcome the consequences of ecological crisis in the Aral Sea region, strengthening the primary health care in ecologically disadvantaged regions, the introduction of environmentally clean renewable energy sources, environmental education and upbringing, waste management, the development of ecotourism infrastructure, etc. An example of the successful projects for the 2009-2010 year are the environmental initiatives of public organizations - «Ekomaktab», «Hayot ", "Родничок", "Bird Conservation Society of Uzbekistan", etc. April 28, 2011 the Environmental Movement of Uzbekistan jointly with the National Association of NGOs of Uzbekistan held session to topic: "Participation NGOs in the grant program of the Public Foundation to support NGOs and other civil society institutions at the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan". The event was attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, members of the Parliamentary Commission for Administration funds the Public Foundation, the Ecology Movement activists and representatives of more than 50 specialized (environmental and health), NGOs. Considering the need for effective disbursement of funds allocated for nature conservation, environmental and public health, the participants of the session were provided by competent information on the conditions of competition for grants of the Public Fund for Support of NGOs, the requirements for registration of project applications and financial aspects of its preparation. In this round of grant program of the Public Fund to Support NGOs will be maintained the following subjects:
-development of ecotourism, increasing environmental awareness and culture among the population, preservation of biodiversity;
-involvement of NGOs in the public ecological control over the activities of state institutions and enterprises;
-introduction and development of a continuous - environmental education;
- promoting a healthy lifestyle among the different social and age groups;
- provision of clean drinking water;
- amelioration of land;
- prevention of diseases caused by adverse factors;
- the creation of social environmental trailers;
- The adaptation of populations to climate change.
The application form and detailed terms of participation in this contest are available at www.fundngo.uz.
The amount allocated to the grant for one project is 15 billion sums. Applications will be accepted until May 31.

 B. Schwarzmann {jcomments on}