We learn the nature effortlessly.

The nature and our children. We should concern them with trembling and understanding. They need to be protected and protected from all hardship because they - the most dear, that we have.
On June, 3rd in the House of Charity №23 there has taken place a fascinating action. This action was devoted to celebrating of day of environment.  The main objective on this action was Formation of ecological culture at children. Knowledge of forest  value and their big social ecological value. As well reasonable relation to environment as we are a part of this environment.  An organizer of this action was ProUNO and State Commitee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan of a city of Tashkent. The children of an orphan home №23 took part in a festival.
This day program has been various and sated by the bright events. Children have prepared the colorful drawings, interesting hand-made articles and the various creative works devoted to ecological subjects. Also children participated in quizzes, answering ecological questions. Played games with the invited actors, echoed vocal group "Semurg". They participated in ecotravel, by means of professionals studied to place tent and have learnt safety rules on the nature. Also they have learnt how with the nature it is necessary to be on friendly terms, not polluting, and improving environment.
It would be desirable, that similar actions took place more often, for children and adults. Because, similar sort of event give unique possibility to learn the nature in the game form. It allows facilitating perception and understanding of the careful relation to our nature.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}