New have been moved into

As we already informed, for illumination «Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field of preservation of the environment and the Sustainable development» its organizers have opened a new site - www.  
The given site gives to its users the big possibilities. Wishing take part in competition can to fill at once the questionnaire of participants that them have brought in a database of applicants for participation in competition.
On a site, on a constant basis, will be published news concerning: various grants, grants, training in the field of preservation of the environment and a sustainable development.
On a site it will be possible to familiarise with published in a press or on the radio materials on all three nominations: TV, radio and the printing edition. Users have a possibility of comparison, the analysis of the published materials. On a site it is possible to find the information on spent competition: news, photo - video - reports on media tours, the trainings, the published literature and many other things.
For today on a site www. is placed (in the Uzbek and Russian languages) publication of some journalists from the last media tours and presentations.
 Elena Chepurnova has published in magazine "Tasvir" a material with colourful photographic materials on media tour of journalists in Aydar-Arnasaj system of lakes where has shared with the impressions about the nature of unique edge of lakes.
About the given media tour in the newspaper «Uzbekistan today» Anatoly Ershov has published the big interesting material.  
Paul Kravets in the newspaper «New century» in analytical article has told about a problem of pollution of coast of channel "Burdjar", has designated the point of view of the Tashkent city committee on wildlife management, local residents and has shared the reflexions concerning sources of pollution and search of ways of the decision of the given problem.
Agzam Hujamkulov in the newspaper « Eco Hayot» by his article (in the Uzbek language) has told about presentation of ecological projects and editions, about start of «Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field of environment and the Sustainable development». Being the participant of media round, it has colourfully described a life and customs of the local people on preservation of natural riches of a native land.
A number of materials in Uzbek language in the newspaper «Mar’ifat» were published by Anvar Kobilov. Its articles about presentation of the information-resource centre at Ecological publishing house «Chinor ENK» and about media tour in «Sayhun» have been written by a live language.
Materials continue to arrive on a site. Further we will inform our readers about them. R.Ibragimov.