The Internet festival of the national domain.UZ 2011

The festival which has become annual is started. It  has been declared at the press conference which has passed on July, 10th in the Museum of history of communication. The organizers of festival become – fund «Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan », the Center of youth initiatives« Kelajak Ovozi », the Center of development and introduction of computer and information technologies UZINFOCOM . The magazine infoCOM.UZ has become the co-coordinator of festival. Official support to festival is rendered by the Uzbek communication agency and information and Committee of women of Uzbekistan. During press conference organizers have in detail told to journalists about the purposes and problems of carrying out of the given festival. This year the festival will pass from August, 10th till September, 26th, 2011. Festival summarizing is planned for spending in the first day of Week of information technologies INFOCOM 2011.
The site can take part in competition if it operating during all period of carrying out this festival and registered in domain UZ. Promotion on participation in competition can be made by jury, the owner of a site, any interested person, under the form of the registration presented on an official site of festival Attention!!!Term of application for participation - from August, 10th till September, 10th, 2011.
Festival nominations. The competitive program includes 13 thematic and 2 special nominations.
Thematic nominations:
1. The best site for youth.
The sites especially for youth participate: sites of schools, colleges, lyceums and high schools, the youth organizations and associations.
2. The best site in the field of science and education.
The sites devoted to science and education, propagandizing a science and scientific search. For example : sites of the academic institutes (including Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan), and also resources of the higher and average educational institutions, various scientific institutions, scientific organizations, libraries, teachers, teachers, etc.
3. The best site of mass-media.
The news, information and other periodic resources which do not have printing (or "radio") versions, and also sites of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, the television companies and other mass-media participate.
4. The best site of organ of state power.
Sites participate: Oliy Majkis, Senate of Oliy Majlis, the ministries, departments, hokimiyat’s, bodies of the state self-management, etc.
5. The best site in the field of culture and art.
The resources devoted to art and culture (music, the fine arts, theatre, cinema, the literature, photo)
6. The best site in the field of tourism and travel.
The resources connected with tourism and travel (sites of mass-media, sites about travel and tourism, rest zones, sites of travel companies and the hotel complexes, shining of regional studies and historical sights and news in the field of tourism and travel).
7. The best site in the field of physical training and sports.
Resources of the sports organizations, national Olympic committee, official and informal club sites, etc.
8. The best site in the field of medicine and public health services.
Sites of medical institutions, the resources devoted to the medical goods and services, and also medical encyclopedias and general educational sites concern the given nomination on a health protection theme.
9. The best site in the field of network services.
In the given nomination resources of the companies giving a hosting, etc. For example: the Best site in the field of network services in a category «Search services» or «Social networks», etc.
10. The best corporate site.
In the given nomination the best site created for the purpose of support organization of business, etc.
11. The best site of a small-scale business and private business.
In the given nomination the best site created for the purpose of support or the organization of business processes of subjects of a small-scale business and private business.
12. The best regional and site regional- local history sites.
Sites concern the given nomination concerning regions of Uzbekistan and telling about history, geography, culture, a life and crafts, ecology of regions of Republic of Uzbekistan.
13. The best personal page.
Sites, blogs concern the given nomination, as created personally users about to themselves and about the hobbies, and the resources devoted to other persons (for example, sites of admirers of the well-known people), and also the personal sites executed under the order for private persons.
Special nominations:
1. Festival opening.
2. A nomination from WWW.UZ.
Special awards are included in the competitive program from WWW.UZ for participants of each of 14 thematic nominations.