“Koplon-2011” - a great competition.

As we more than once informed, we have organized a competition “Koplon-2011”. On August, 18th has taken place the Session of Organizing committee of republican competition “Koplon-2011” for the best journalistic work in the field of Preservation of the environment and the Sustainable development where have been discussed some question and the organizational moments.
To participants of the session has been shown the video report about the done work and the spent actions within the limits of the given competition.
After that have been stated the basic functions and problems of an Organizing committee. For transparency and effective working, as a part of organizing committee - representatives of the state and international structures, public organizations and projects devoted to preservation of the environment. During this action the organizing committee has been confirmed list which members unanimously select its Chairman - Ibragimov Rustam Israilovich.
At this session has been once again mentioned about the purpose of carrying out of competition where it has been noted - that it is the most comprehensible way of attraction of journalists that they as it is possible more widely and more fruitfully took up questions and problems of preservation of the environment. Also many organizations, departments has spend a huge work on environment protection, have great volume of the information, but they do not have access to journalists who could extend this information among our population. And consequently the given competition can give them real applicants for long-term cooperation.
Has been presented a new site www.eko.uz where take places the information on participant’s competitions and their publication on all nominations. Voting function for the liked materials was started. On a site it is possible to find the helpful information in area of ecojournalism, useful resources, and position about competition, participation conditions, the organizing committee list, criteria of selection of jury and many other things.
Organizers of competition have shared about the further plans which should be carried out in the near future, and possibility has been given members of organizing committee to give the remarks and to make amendments.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}