Was declared youth cycle race «Kamolot-TUR»

One of the important directions of sports is bicycle sports. The bicycle has turned to the important attribute of the productive leisure, a healthy way of life. Driving on a bicycle brings to our organism huge advantage. During bicycle walk muscles of feet become stronger, and their endurance raises, activity cardiovascular system and respiratory systems improves. Making long bicycle trips on fresh air, we force our lungs to work in full force. Thus blood is enriched by oxygen which arrives to brain cages. Driving on a bicycle is an excellent way to a toughening up and immunity increases. Driving on a bicycle excellent means of preventive maintenance of a vegeto-vascular dystonia. At driving the vestibular mechanism trains, blood supply of a small basin that is especially important for men as preventive maintenance of such artful illness as an adenoma improves. The bicycle is very useful to those who wish to dump superfluous kgs. During a bicycle trip the considerable quantity of fats is burnt, fatty adjournment in the field of hips decrease. Going for a drive on a bicycle, we receive a huge charge of vivacity, the mood; the general emotional condition of the person is improves. The nervous system thus becomes stronger; daily cares and alarms leave, the stress is refuse.
Today the concept "a healthy way of life" became in Republic of Uzbekistan a government program. Everywhere there are new sports complexes, exercise rooms and stadiums, various sports actions in which can take part all interested persons. The certificate to this statement is event which will occur one of these days in our country. In honor of 20 anniversaries of independence of Republic of Uzbekistan, at the initiative of youth Social movement «Kamolot», and also at support of the ministries of culture and sports, the higher and average vocational education, internal affairs, public health services of Republic Uzbekistan, Federation of cycling of Uzbekistan, Fund of development of children's sports, and also the National broadcasting company of Uzbekistan on September, 17th, 2011 in the city of Tashkent it is spent youth cycle race «Kamolot-TUR». Participants of race will pass 20 kilometer distance where sport centre "Yoshlik-Kamolot" (ex- "Start") will be a finishing point of a marathon.
With a view of propagation of a healthy way of life among the republic population, we invite all interested persons to accept direct participation in the given action.
The purpose of this cycle race is celebrating of Independence Day and attraction more youth to sports.
Route of race - from the Rohatovsky bridge (overpass behind a GAI block post) to Stadium «Start.»
Participants of race - all interested persons: are nearby 150 persons and 50 more person, won regional arrivals on all Republic. Participants share on 3 categories. 7-14 years, 14-18 years and 18-30 years accordingly. Start with an interval of 5 mines of each category.
Winners will be awarded by valuable prizes.

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