Ecological knowledge - key to sustainable development

On May 6th at the National Press Center hosted a press conference entitled "Presentation of new environmental projects and publications" dated for the Day of ecological knowledge. The event was organized - the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection and Ecological Publishing Company «CHINOR ENK».

Education for sustainable development reflects the concept of "sustainable development ", which is defined as development that "meets the needs of the present without putting future generations in jeopardy to meet their own needs" - a definition from the International Commission on Environment and Development.
In the Republic of Uzbekistan are working on education for sustainable development. There is a legal basis and legislative base of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), developed and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers "The Concept and the National Strategy for Sustainable Development»
Based on the "Program of actions for Environment Protection of the Republic Uzbekistan for 2008-2012, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic with the State Committee of the Republic Uzbekistan for Nature Protection developed the Concept of continuous environmental education "," The state standard of continuous environmental Education. The objective of three public institutions in this direction
is to create a chain of continuous environmental education: pre-school - secondary education - higher education - skills development organizations and agencies.
The modern world is living in a time when environmental culture education for youth is becoming one of the priorities of educational work. The earlier start formation of environmental knowledge among children, the more efficient is this process, the higher the efficiency of education. And that’s why the scientific organization of this process, with government support is needed.
In addition, to improve awareness the general public about various environmental problems and the steps being taken to eliminate them. State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection in conjunction with the environmental publishing company "Chinor ENK" publishes a number of books, booklets, posters, handbooks and other literature of environmental directivity. This literature has its target audience in the face of experts, environmentalists, scientists, and students of schools, high schools, colleges and universities.
Today, on the eve of International Day of Knowledge, were announced the presentation of a new, illustrated reference book " Ўзбекистон Республикасининг ?ўри?хоналари ва табиат бо?лари - Wildlife and National Parks" from the series "Ўзбекистоннинг му?офаза этиладиган табиий ?удудлар - Protected areas of Uzbekistan in Uzbek, the “Red Book of Uzbekistan”. Also was declared the Republican contest for the best journalistic work in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.
One effective way to attract public attention to environmental issues, as well as an attempt to combine the culture and ecology, has taken the Goethe Institute in the project "Climate and Culture. » The event was the presentation of video clip "Tell now - save tomorrow", developed in partnership with the environmental State Committee of Nature of Uzbekistan. Within the project component "climate change - own minds»
Nobody knows exactly what will be the future like, but many agree that it is not going to be like "today" and that the changes in consciousness and culture of human society will depend, will be whether our future sustainable or not, but the key to sustainable the future is found.

Bogdan Schwarzmann {jcomments on}