Football for all

  Till certain time football was considered strictly a male sport. Always thought, that football does not comply with traditional notions of a woman because she was associated only with the family home and raising children, also believed that the occupation of the sport is harmful to her health and that women's football can not be compared with the male football, for entertainment and drama. Now all these prejudices in the past.


According to experts, now football - the most popular command kind of sport on a planet among women. All over the world are more than 20 million football players. 80 percent from this number are sportswomen younger than 20 years. Recognized leaders of world female football are the USA, China, Norway, Germany, and Sweden. In some countries professional leagues of female football are already created. And there are even own in each league "stars".
Also it would be desirable to notice, that female football in Uzbekistan develops rapidly and it is joyful to realize, that for today our commands show rather worthy results, both at national level, and at the world. As an example can serve, that in 2009 in Bulgaria from 6th till 20th November, were held competitions of the Cup of Europe on futsal among female commands.
Our team from Karshi - «Sevinch» has taken part in them and also became the winner of tournament.
In 2011 in Germany will take place World Football championship FIFA among national female commands and in 2012 in Uzbekistan will be held World Football championship FIFA among female youth commands, till 20 years.
In eve of these great events, the Association of female football, indoor football and beach football in Uzbekistan and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tashkent will organize several activities for female football, which will be held from 23 to 30 May 2011. The first women's team in Bundesligue Germany "FF USV Jena eV" will travel to the city of Karshi, Samarkand and Tashkent, where will be held two friendly matches, open workshops, and the action - "Days of girls"(Girls' Days).
On May 6th at the German Embassy held a press conference on this theme, which was presented to a joint project for a series of activities dedicated to Female football. All of us were interested - why we need this project and what it can offer us?
As noted by Ambassador of Germany, the primary objective of the project is to deepen the friendly relations between our peoples. For this reason, the exchange of experiences with a young athletic team from Jena is the focus of the project. The project offers great opportunities for discussion and exchange of experiences. At the same time it’s attracting global attention to the grand event, "FIFA World football Women 2011" and to Germany as a sporting nation. In addition, event organizers want to interest young women and girls in the sport, as well as spectators in Uzbekistan, to promote women's football in Uzbekistan, as this sport teaches us to develop such abilities as team spirit and endurance.
Through sport young women can strengthen their own identity and learn to better defend their interests. Through sport becomes possible opinions exchange between people of different nationalities and cultures who do not speak a common language.
Such a way, we hope that the holding of this event will serve as another powerful push to strengthening the friendly relations between the two countries and even better to unite us to achieve the goals in the future.



Bogdan Schwarzmann {jcomments on}