One more step to the “green” economy

Very often we hear about development of such direction in an economic science as “green economy”. This given concept still absolutely new both for our country and for whole world. And what this direction represents? For what it needs to be implant in our daily life? What possibilities and prospects will be given to us this “green economy”? The given theme causes a lot of questions and discussions.
In this connection to our site it has been given a possibility to visit this report presentation on a theme - “Conceptual approaches to formation Green Economy in Uzbekistan”, organized by the Center of Economic Researches. The briefing of the report for mass-media took place on June, 24th in conference hall.
As is known, today in our country created the strong base for development of the basic sectors of economy. The given fact causes necessity of transition to the following stage when it is very important to provide a sustainable development in the long-term period.
However at formation of long-term strategy it’s important to consider in a complex and global tendencies and calls. In this context one of effective tools is a country transition to the "green" economy.
According to the definition of the UNO Program «the green economy» is an economic system which allows providing growth of well-being of people and social justice, reducing ecological risks and reducing deficiency of natural resources.  
Introductory speech for opening briefing has been given to head of the block “Sectoral researches” Shadibaev Ta’lat. He has noted importance of the given research and after that he had asked to speak junior co-coordinator of researches, Muhamedkhanova Kamila.
“An important point in the report is that at preservation of current trends and volumes of consumption of resources, stocks of natural gas and coal in Uzbekistan will suffice only the next 20-30 years while oil stocks are already practically exhausted” – said Muhamedkhanova C. Besides, the area of the irrigated earths will be reduced to 20-25 % during the following 30 years. All it shows that with development continuation under the present economic scenario, growth will restrain insufficiency of ground, water, power and other resources, proportion of ecological consequences and irrational use of the natural capital.
Transition to the "green" economy, on the contrary, will be allow providing growth of well-being and improvement quality of population’s life, not expose the future generations to influence of essential ecological risks or ecological deficiency.  According to results of the given research, experts separate five key directions to "green" economy:
1. Adoption of renewable energy sources.
2. "Landscaping" in housing and communal services.
3. Development of "pure" transport.
4. Perfection of controlling in waste products system.
5. Perfection of controlling in ground and water resources system.
According to the report, experts managed to count up total additional annual benefits at the expense of transition to "green" economy on each of the specified directions.
For example, in sector of renewable energy expected benefits make more than 5 bln. USD. Along with it, the policy of "Landscaping" conducts to creation free additional "green" employment.
In the end of presentation we heard a lot of interesting questions about “green” model. Today it’s very difficult to give any estimations and forecasts concerning the given question.
And, certainly, is pleasant to know, that in the Republic of Uzbekistan the given direction are already gradually grows. I hope that it will shortly occupy the niche in a sustainable development and transition to a new stage of our economy.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}