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On June, 24th, 2011 in National press centre has been spent the press conference organized by Central bank.
The conference theme was very actual - “Measures on maintenance of subjects of a small-scale business and private business by soft credits”.
In this event have taken part a Heads of commercial banks, representatives of the interested ministries and departments, subjects of a small-scale business and private business and, of course, the press. This conversation turned to privileges and preferences, presented by acts. These certificates have been accepted for the purpose of stimulation of development in a small-scale business and private business. Also it was spoken about conditions of allocation of soft loans to subjects of the sphere, carried out measures on expansion of preferential crediting business-projects.
It is necessary to notice, that by commercial banks for January-May, 2011 to subjects of a small-scale business and private business at the expense of all sources of financing it is allocated credits for the 1 bln. 486 billion sum or in 1.4 times more in comparison with the similar period of 2010 year.
From them, on a share of micro credits it is necessary 295.2 billion sum which volume in comparison with previous year has increased in 1.4 times. Till the end of current year commercial banks provide allocation of credits to subjects of sphere in 1.3 times more than last year.
In addition, The Republic of Uzbekistan bill “About modification and additions in some acts in connection with the further perfection of sphere in micro financing”, directed on the further perfection of acts in micro financing sphere, maintenance of development of system of the credit unions and the micro credit organizations is developed.
At the same time, to execute the State program “Year of a small-scale business of private business” the Decision of the President of Republic Uzbekistan are accepted from March, 11th, 2011 № software-1501 «About additional measures on increase in crediting of subjects of a small-scale business and private business» and decisions of the Cabinet of Republic of Uzbekistan.
Also, through “a corner of businessmen”, organized in branches and minibanks the information is constantly given to businessmen. The information like this: new bank services, conditions and the possibilities created on development of a small-scale business and private business, etc.
The system of rendering of information services through regularly updated web sites and portals of banks was expanded.
It would be desirable to believe, that these banks will give financial support in the future on protection of our ecology. During the press conference have been set interesting questions on which have been received detailed, developed answers.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}