Present for the journalists who are talking about our environment.

Journalists of all countries are invited to competition of grants at the rate of about 3500 US dollars: grants are intended for illumination of projects, connected with preservation of the environment.

 The societies of the journalists who are taking up questions of environment (SEJ), sponsors this grants for motivating and support the journalists working over creation of a platform, the devoted preservation of the environment, and requiring financial assets for end of their project.
Means should be spent for the trips connected with performance of the project, training, scientific materials, analyses of environment and other factors connected with performance of the project.
In competition can take part members of a society, and the persons not consisting in it, but working in journalism. Term of application: on July, 15th. The participants of competition, who are not members of a society, should pay an admission fee at a rate of 20 US dollars.

You can find more detailed information on a site: 

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