Business conference about climate change.

The 7th Australia-New Zealand business conference on a change of a climate which will take place on August, 1-2nd in Wellington, New Zealand. The given conference gives excellent possibility in research of change of a climate, and as much as possible to use the given possibilities for decrease its risks. This event is especially important in a field of low carbon economy.
The key moments of this conference:
- That has affected the carbon prices in New Zealand and researches for Australia;
- The prices for carbon influence to agriculture, the power markets and land tenure;
- Business of action concerning emissions CO2 among the basic trading partners;
- Working out of a policy at the international level and potential influence on a region;
-Necessity of adaptation and some the best practical researches;
- Practical lessons from key areas, including definition of carbon products by means of a method foot printing, getting marketing levers from low carbon investments, designing and the analysis of the prices for carbon.
Why you should visit the given action:
-    You can hear from leaders of the business, what measures in economy sphere can be realized for today.
-    To receive a report of the latest news from ministers prosecuting subjects on climate Change
-    To listening Christian Figures, Executive Secretary of the United Nations as the world policy develops, and that it will mean for business within the limits of the given conference
-    To study how to apply the best practical principles of adaptation to the your own business
-    You can learn, how the British companies react to the internal legislation on a climate Change
-    A network with 400 specially prepared delegates and lecturers from Australia, New Zealand and from abroad.
You can find more detailed information on a web site:
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