To the beginning of 21st century the humanity has had time to exhaust a powerful share of the general resources which stored in bowels of the Earth, it has not begun of the next Hollywood blockbuster or the science-fiction novel, it is our reality, our life.
Exhaustion of terrestrial stocks of oil and gas which will suffice maximum for 50 years; instability of the prices and monopolization of the markets in fields of traditional energy sources; demographic growth of the population which inevitably involves increase in consumption of energy; the various ecological threats caused by by-effects of consumption of energy all over the world.
This is only short reminder that surrounds us and, that can expect us. It is not necessary to be the scientist, the philosopher or the active worker in "Green Peace" for apprehending correctly these arguments and to draw logic conclusions. And conclusions are trivial: alternative energy sources and energy-keeping technologies become more arresting. Therefore, those who invest in creation and scale application of the given technologies, becomes the leader in this branch in average and far-sighted prospect.
For today many developed states and large players of global arena have come to understanding this simple true - without alternative energy sources there will be no light future.
Therefore, problems of energy saving and developments of alternative power became a major objects of attention in the modern world. However, for successfully developing this alternative power it is necessary to have certain potential: in the form of a large quantity of a solar energy, water resources or wind energy. The Republic of Uzbekistan has potential solar energy in unlimited volume, in some mountain areas of the country starting to use energy of the small rivers.
But where we can find information about inexpensive and productive technologies?
Quantum Business Group from the State Israel has incurred obligations on the organization of a large and universal exhibition and conference in the field of modern power technologies - ENERGYTECH 2011.  
II International exhibition and conference «ENERGYTECH 2011» is planned and organized to involve and gather world leaders in the field of workings out and introduction of power technologies, and also businessmen, the private, official and state faces interested in innovative projects in the above described areas. At an exhibition all advanced achievements of alternative power and energy-saving systems will be presented. Experts of different fields will discuss global and local achievements, problems of consumption of energy and ways of its improvement with participants of the conference.
ENERGYTECH 2011 – is a unique possibility to learn the world’s modern achievements of global ecological power! Tel Aviv not casually became a place for realization of the first International exhibition and conference ENERGYTECH 2011 ENERGYTECH 2010. The centre of the Israeli business and industrial life not without purpose can apply to be called as one of the capitals of world innovative activity. For a long time is not a secret, that Israel occupies an honorable place in club of world hi-tech powers. In the field of ecological technologies, technologies of alternative power, energy conservation, a solar energy, biological fuel and water resources, Israel occupies one of the leading positions in the world.
In Republic of Uzbekistan now spent a huge work by introduction of renewed energy sources to a daily life: start to use widely solar batteries, energy of the small rivers, etc. About all it there is in 4-5 incorporated number of magazine «an Ecological Herald », special release devoted to renewed energy sources  in the world and in Uzbekistan which will be given one of these days to the readers. It would not be a bad idea, if the authors, developers and the organizations solving problems of introduction renewable energy sources (RES) in Uzbekistan have taken part in this exhibition.
Participation in ENERGYTECH 2011 can become a magnificent platform for the first steps in the field of future power, and for figures of branches of ecological power in a finding of reliable ways of partnership. Participation in exhibition ENERGYTECH 2011 can become the important element of image for any of the interested person without an exception.
Prepared by: R.Ibragimov, more information:
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