The international conference on a science and technology problems.

In this year, on July, 6-7th, in a year of 20 anniversary of scientific-and-engineering company «TINBO» in Uzbekistan will take place the International conference «Strategy of development of a science and technology in XX1 century», with participation of scientists from Republic Korea, Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

We are convinced that questions which brought up on conference are the important step to new discovering and elaboration, and also to disclosing of unresolved problems of a science and manufacture. Many scientific and technical societies created in due time in our country, have not passed test by time. It is pleasant, that the scientific and technical society TINBO has passed test by time, besides developed and extended. In 2011 «TINBO» is executed 20 years from the date of its creation. We are congratulate Scientific and technical society TINBO with an anniversary and we wish prosperity and successes in the activity. Looking back with 20-year heights for the years which taken place, with the big warm-heartedness and gratitude we recollect people, whose efforts had been organized this society. It is the Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor Vyacheslav Terentevich Em, Doctor of Chemistry Anatoly Aleksandrovich Kim, the Candidate of Biological Science Vadim Sergeevich Om, the Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Gen-Chan Kim and many others. We are grateful to the president of Association of scientific and technical societies of CIS Koreans Alexey Danilovichu Tsoy who directly supervised over creation «TINBO», to the chairman of Association of the Korean cultural centers of Uzbekistan to the candidate of pedagogical sciences V. Н.Shin.
Now, in the ranks of «TINBO» are working more than 600 persons. There are professors, and candidates of sciences, scientists, a bright people, talented, devoting researches and scientific achievements to the second Native land - to Uzbekistan. For 20 years of the activity the society «TINBO» spent 4 international conferences with participation of scientists from similar societies of the CIS, including Republic of Kazakhstan on which there was an exchange achievement of science.
Members of «TINBO» took part in the international conferences which were taking place in Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, and Republic of Kazakhstan. Lyubov Mironovna Yun – is a talented administrator of «TINBO» and also she is the Doctor of Chemistry.
Actively worked and continue to work the sections created at «TINBO». The seminars spent by each section, has found the big public resonance. In particular, the seminars spent by sections on a problem «Environment Ecology» (the Chairman is a V.TT, Lim, Secretary E.S. Lee, 2005) and "Medicine" on a theme «Actual problems and prospects of medicine in Uzbekistan» (2008), and also «Achievements and prospects of development in the field of a biodiversity and biotechnology in Uzbekistan» (2009). The invaluable contribution to development of agriculture of Uzbekistan was brought by the Korean scientists.
 In particular, for selection of the best grades of cotton the doctor of the agricultural sciences managing laboratory «Selection and cotton seed-growing» Robert Grigorevich Kim in 2009 is awarded the government award - awards «Shuhrat».
The Korean Diasporas undoubtedly can be proud of such star in the field of medicine, as the winner of the State awards Beruniy, the professor, the doctor of medical sciences Nikolay Petrovich Pak who is many years the head of the Center of renal transplantation. For the first time in Uzbekistan together with the Uzbek scientists it creates the renal transplantation school and introduced methods of blood clarification (hemodialysis).
The main oncologist of republic was the Candidate of Medical Science, A.Sheka. Hundreds of grateful patients rescued by him from death, has bequeathed to children to keep about him grateful memory. The considerable contribution to selection and genetics of lactobacillus has brought Candidate of Biological Science D.K.Ogaj. From local strain she creates preparations «Bifidumbacterin», «Lactobacterin», «Bificol» and «Colibacterin», which successfully applied to normalization micro florae of intestines. It is not possible to say about all Korean scientists, which has help to our country. We have mentioned only some of them.
We are once again in all sincerity congratulate members of TINBO with an anniversary and we wish them successful carrying out of the International conference «Strategy of development of a science and technology in XX1 century».

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