We’re having discussed about tasks of mass-media in the decision of environmental problem.

International public fund "ECOSAN" has organized a meeting in newspaper edition “Mahalla” which has been devoted to 20-years of the Republic of Uzbekistan sovereignty.  Last years, global environmental problems were problems of a climate change, an exhaustion of an ozone layer, etc., and the region of the Central Asia is vulnerable on the side of social -economic and ecological consequences of a climate change.
As is known, performance of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan at the United Nations summit in New York (on September, 21st, 2010) has concentrated attention of the world’s community that preservation of the environment and the careful relation to environment, get the special importance at achievement of positive results at the decision of the purposes of the Declaration of a millennium in the conditions of modern abnormal natural changes, also on a condition of Aral Sea. I.Karimov also has offered realization of some concrete urgent effectual measures with United Nations participation under savings of biological fund of Aral Sea district, destructive influence of Aral’s tragedy on a millions of people living in this region, and the primary goals for all. The president of Uzbekistan has thanked from this high tribune to the Secretary General of the United Nations Pan Ge Mun for visiting the Aral Sea district, for conclusions drawn by it and for solidarity in the decision of this global problem.  
The vice-president of International public fund "ECOSAN" K.Zhuraev, speak on a meeting with journalists of the newspaper, has noticed, that Fund’s activity is realized in the network of Government programs «Year of harmoniously developed generation» and «Year of a small-scale business and private business».
This fund together with the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan
and with others state and public organizations has spent the press conferences devoted to the international ecological dates, conferences, round-table discussions, media rounds on ecological themes in the institutes of higher education, colleges, lyceums, the Zavki  Palace of culture, Center "BioECOSAN", Capital department of health Institute and the medical statistics which were accompanied also by performances of «ECOSAN» experts, display of a documentary Fund’s film about Aral Sea «the Steppe which is not appearing on a map» where with participation of mahalla activists were developed and accepted recommendations about participation of fellow-citizens in questions of environment management and its riches.
Actions in lyceums through intermediary of the Tashkent Medical Academy, Zangiatinsky and Kujichirchiksky Social and economic colleges, Akkurgansky college of transport and service, in reply to the «ECOSAN» action  «Revive tradition - plant a tree!», were accompanied by planting of trees (as a result was created «Gardens of young ecologists»), their activists - members of "Group of young ecologists» and winners of competitions of the best essay, compositions, drawings about the nature are encouraged, and to their libraries was allocated cards, posters and the literature on ecology from «ECOSAN». Winners of competitions «the Nature: yesterday, today, tomorrow» and «Ecology of Tashkent: my house - my city» are encouraged by Diplomas and gifts by «ECOSAN». For protective purposes of infectious diseases to all capital medical institutions was gratuitously handed a disinfectants. Fund in the network of the Target program «Culture of a life on a village: socially-hygienic and ecological aspects» on 2009 - 2010 has realize 9 projects for a 382 million total sum (from them the foreign sponsor has enclosed 158 million sum) for the purpose of support with pure potable water of village «Ashamaily» of the Kanlikulsky district of Karakalpakstan, mahalla «Shursoy» of the Bajsunsky district of the Surkhan-Darya area, village «Muhomon» of the Hazaraspsky district of the Khorezm area, mahalla  “Ahill” of the Jangijulsky district, a farm «Ulugbekк» of a mahalla  «Mallavoy» and a mahalla  «Uyas» of the Bekabadsky district, a mahalla  «Working township» and a villages «Eski Tashkent» the Chinazsky district, a kishlak «Korakuyli»of  the Bukinsky district of the Tashkent area.
On presentations of these objects mahalla’s aksakals and activists have hotly responded on charities of «ECOSAN». «ECOSAN» with the Center “Igtimoiy Fikr” have carried out sociological research and have published the book «Ecology and health in a mirror of public opinion ». In the given book on the basis of results of sociological research for the first time was considered sights of Uzbek people on an ecological situation in the country, their relation to preservation of the environment and a healthy way of life.
At a meeting the big interest have caused the book « climate change by children ‘s eyes» and the poster «10 rules of cleanliness», published within the limits of the Target program «ECOSAN» on a way of formation of harmoniously developed generation. Also, in the network of this program was organized a lot of master-class. In practice already with success was spent 22 master classes, has underlined children's poet Raim Farhadi.
  Its pleasant to hear from lips of the head of «ECOSAN», that the newspaper «Mahalla» actively participates in propagation of stage-by-stage realization of Government programs of Uzbekistan on a way to a sustainable development and regularly publishes materials about activity «ECOSAN», has concluded the performance - editor-in-chief B.Abdusattarov and has thanked Fund for a gift - a card «Republic of Uzbekistan Preservation of the environment», posters, the literature on ecology, and for demonstration of «ECOSAN»’s documentary film  about Aral Sea «the Steppe which is not appearing on a map» which undoubtedly will help journalists to rise on more active position in the actions of environment management.
Mirkarim Mirsovurov,
The chief of department of Public relation of International public fund "ECOSAN".
Minaev M. {jcomments on}