From Сoncept to Reformation.

The concept is a certain system connected between itself and following one of another of sights. The concept is a way for understanding and treatment of a subject or process, and as the proved system of achievement of the purposes.
There was a long-time discussions and coordination concerning Concept FSD (ОУР) in Uzbekistan. The abbreviation FSD it is deciphered as Formation for the Sustainable development. This expanded concept uniting such knowledge and abilities which will allow young generation to choose further individual and collective decisions of local and global character. These decisions are important for improvement of quality of a life without threat for the planet’s future. Formation for a sustainable development is not a new subject in the curriculum. It is the whole system meaning this change of approaches to formation and a harmonious combination of set of disciplines through a prism of ecological knowledge.
It is a lot of problems and complexities faced to a responsible commission of experts, by development of the given Concept. First, procedure of the coordination and coordination between many structures and the departments which are responsible for formation, culture and development.  Secondly, it is necessary to give substantiation on the further prospect and to offer, something new. Something new on the basis of available legislative and standard base.
A lot of time has taken place from that time when the group of representatives of public organizations began to sound necessity given reformation of educational system.
Today it is possible to be glad of that there is an understanding of the given process and all importance in urgency representatives of key departments. It is already big breakthrough, but, unfortunately, process in Uzbekistan moves ahead very slowly.
On June, 7th, in the network of scale actions of week of the Ecology, (dated by the World Day of preservation of the environment), has been realized a breakthrough.
The presented variant of the new concept of Republic Uzbekistan by training with a view of a sustainable development has been approved by participants of session of working group of Interdepartmental coordination council on FSD.
This council has taken place within the limits of Scientifically-practical conference. The theme was: «Uzbekistan: Formation with a view of a sustainable development».
The organizer of the given action was acted the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan with support of Representation of UNESCO in Uzbekistan.
Participation in action was accepted by representatives of the Ministry of National education and the Ministry of the Higher and average vocational education of Republic of Uzbekistan.
Procedure of development, the coordination and the statement of the conceptual document on FSD has been provided by the Program of actions on Republic of Uzbekistan on preservation of the environment for 2008-2012.
It has been confirmed by the Cabinet Decision (№ 212 from 19.09.2008) and the Decision of Senate of Oliy Majlis of Republic of Uzbekistan (№ 181-P from 26.03.2011г.).
The given innovations also answers to the obligations, accepted by Republic of Uzbekistan in realization of EEC Strategy of the United Nations for a sustainable development.
The new Concept of the Republic of Uzbekistan FSD represents the initiative in the network of realization of Decade of the United Nations on FSD.
The initiative is realized taking into account of new problems which following from strategic and program documents.
These documents are stated in performances of the President of the  Republic of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov at plenary session of the Summit of the United Nations -«Purpose of development of a millennium» on September, 20th, 2010, at combined session of Legislative chamber and Senate Oliy Majlis of Republic of Uzbekistan about «To the Concept of the further deepening of democratic reforms and formation of a civil society» in the country on November, 12th, 2010.
The new Concept was widely discussed by scientists, ecologists, teachers, and mass-media.
It has been noticed, that activity mainstreams must be: integration of strategic problems FSD into regulatory legal acts into spheres of education, preservations of the environment and social and economic development.
 So, the conceptual beginning is start. Now we’re waiting for period of innovations and reformations of educational system. The main thing – that we should keep step with time.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}