Ecological projects of Goethe’s Institute

On July, 7th at the institute of Goethe in the city of Tashkent has taken place the presentation of some projects on preservation of the environment and climate change. These projects are realized in the network of the Program «New communications - new prospects».
The given action took place in the network of celebrating International day of environment. This day is observed by the world community on June, 5th.
Representatives of the state and public nature protection organizations and journalists had become participants of presentation.
With a salutatory word to the gathered have addressed the director of Institute of Goethe in Tashkent Mr., Dr. Johannes Dal, and the head of department of culture of Germany Embassy in Uzbekistan - Mrs. Svante Kortemejer.
The TV, cinema, advertising play the important role in creation of stereotypes of behavior of society. However, as a rule, TV propagandized the consumer way of life only.  The ecological information - has not enough. It is transferred in the remote and unattractive form. For the decision of this problem has been initiated the regional project «Eco Staff ».
Its beginning became the training master class under the guidance of the German director in Minsk.
This project has proceeded by shooting of 11 ecological video. It  has come to the end with displays which take place under the motto "More shortly" in May-June in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.
 Problems of glaciers thawing, destructions of natural resources and the barbarous relation to an environment, have found the reflection in these videos. Meaning and ideas of video clips are good; a picture was actual, successful. However, as participants of presentation have noticed, it is necessary to think over how to inform these video clips to the general public.
Also, it has been offers improve a little bit slogans of video clips. Also it is necessary to prepare following video clips for target audience: inhabitants of a countryside where problems of rational use of ground and water resources shows up more sharply.  
The regional project «Climate change: own opinion» was developed by graduates of summer academy from Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
Participation in the project have accepted popular performers, cinema, theatre, art workers - conductors, musicians, writers and poets from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Germany. In a current 3 months people of different age, different image and style of a life watched succession of events and waited for new meetings with popular art workers and art in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Via blitz-interview they could express their opinion on environmental problems. In the prepared video clip they could address to a TV-and radio audiences, readers of newspapers and magazines. Really, the opinion of known and popular people in a moment becomes the property of public.
One more acknowledgement of that environmental problem does not know borders, the unity of opinions and perception of the existing validity of all participants of the project.
Interviews have been offered for radio listeners and on Internet resources of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia. The result of the project became video clip which has united answers of all interviewees.
Emotional performances, pathetic answers, successful video picture do not leave any spectator indifferent.
During the subsequent discussion of projects have been stated a lot of offers and wishes. These wishes will help to realize better these projects, to inform them to a general audience and to make positive impact on a public opinion. As a whole projects have met with approval of participants. It means that video clips, pictures and photos will be accepted by the country public. They will help to pay their attention to search of ways of the decision of environmental problems.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}