«From the strong state - to a strong civil society»

Today in the National press centre of Uzbekistan has taken place a press conference of republican management of charitable fund "Mahalla" of Uzbekistan. The theme was «Questions of perfection of activity of self-government institutions of citizens and the problems facing to them.

Problems, increases of a role of self-government institutions of citizens in maintenance in public control practice in a society and a place of mass-media in public control». In a forum have taken part dependable officers of fund "Mahalla", workers of the Republican teaching and educational centre «Mahalla  Ziyosi», the Tashkent city department of fund, the newspaper «Mahalla», and also representatives of the organizations-partners and, of course, journalists.
On action with the report has make statements the chairman of this fund Anvar Ahmedov. He has noticed that for years of independence a life of self-government institutions of citizens - mahallas, has radically improved. Their material base also has become stronger. Anvar Ahmedov has told about an activity course on public control conducting.
It is necessary to notice, that during building in our country of the law democratic state, realization in a life the principle «From the strong state - to a strong civil society», the part of the primary goals is assigned to self-government institutions of citizens.
The role of Mahalla’s institute more and more increases in the course of democratic updating and modernization in the country, the decision on places of social and economic problems. At present mahalla carry out more than thirty duties.
Islam Каримов in the report «the Concept of the further deepening of democratic reforms and formation of a civil society» has noticed, that a special actuality gets the further perfection of organizational bases of self-government institutions of citizens – mahalla’s, expansion of a circle of its tasks, maintenance of close connections with state governing bodies.
Strong public control over state governing bodies is the important condition of a civil society. Activity of people, the concrete relation to the public occurrences, sensation of each civil employee that its activity is under public control - all it serves leadership of justice in a society.
According to the Republic of Uzbekistan law «About self-government institutions of citizens» in the network of social and economic questions of citizens has been given a number of authorities. In particular, it’s includes realization of the measures directed on complex development of territory, an accomplishment of settlements, improvement of their sanitary condition, repair of places of the general using, gathering means on a voluntary basis for rendering assistance to needy families, and many others tasks.

Participants of a forum also have especially stopped on the important problems facing to self-government institutions of citizens.
In conclusion of action journalists have received exhaustive answers on the questions.


Written by: Minaev M. {jcomments on}