Achievements of Ecomovement.

On the threshold of twentieth anniversary of independence of Republic of Uzbekistan, Ecological movement of Uzbekistan had been spent a meeting with employees of mass media. This meeting has been devoted to the activity results for the first half of the 2011 year.
Active workers of Ecomovement, members of Deputy Group from Ecomovement and employees of mass media have become the participants.
The Ecomovement’s chairman in the performance has informed about activity of Ecomovement in the first half of the year of current year and, as a whole, for three years from the date of creation such organization.
For the last period of current year by Ecomovement was conducted active work on coordination of activity of not state noncommercial organizations operating in sphere of preservation of the environment and health of the population. It was created a precondition for interaction and teamwork with 256 not state noncommercial organizations.
Ecomovement’s press-service has actively co-operates with mass-media which problem is informing of the public on plans, the purposes and problems of Ecomovement. For operative and qualitative illumination in mass-media of the spent actions was adjusted close connections with news agencies, programs of Uzbekistan, teleradio channels, «Uzbekistan», «Yoshlar», «Tashkent» and radio channels «Poytaht», «Mash’al», and also editions of newspapers «Halk Suzi», «the National word», «the East Truth», «Uzbekistan today», «Jamiyat», «Ekohayot», etc.     
In all areas of Uzbekistan are created ecological gardens. Together with creative group it is prepared for the edition an album-book «Nature of Uzbekistan», devoted to the Republic of Uzbekistan’s twentieth anniversary. At a meeting there has taken place presentation of the given book-album in which is reflected the unique nature of our country and the description of nature sanctuaries, an animal and flora, traditions and customs of inhabitants of various regions of Uzbekistan on Uzbek, Russian, and English languages is given.
At a meeting has been shown the fragment from a film «Hayot Orzusi», created by group of workers of motion picture arts together with Ecomovement.
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