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From August, 1 till August, 5th, 2011, the Program of vocational training and training in the Central Asia has held a week educational seminar for teachers and professors from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The purpose has been focused on development of modern methods of training for agricultural trades.
In Uzbekistan the Program is realized together with the Ministry of the higher and average vocational education, the Ministry of rural and water management and the Center of average special vocational training with support of GIC (the German society on the international cooperation).
The training course consisted of several stages. At the first stage has taken place visiting of the agricultural enterprises for approbation of new methods and definition of necessary qualifications in the given branch.
Next, within the limits of the program has taken place visiting Kensojsky College of the Agro-industry and business for acquaintance and approbation of new methods of planning; so for example participants have familiarized with a new method of command planning under the name «Future Laboratory».
Program stage on structuring a feedback with participants became very important part for the purpose of the studied experience. Training has been spent by Doctor Kerstin Vakvitts - the skilled expert of the Dresden Technical University, Germany, faculty of professional pedagogic which is the long-term partner of the program. Doctor Vakvitts has 20 year operational experience in Europe and the Central Asia, as the teacher and the trainer of engineers-teachers in the field of agriculture, gardening and biotechnology.
In the future, similar educational seminars for teachers will be devoted to decision of other important questions in sphere of preparation of teachers of special-disciplines. They will be spent in the different countries of the Central Asia. We hope that such trainings will bring the considerable contribution to modernization and strengthening of qualification of teachers for preparation of the qualified experts which will meet requirements of the modern industry of Region of the Central Asia.
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