Safety of food production is under control

For 20 years of independence of Republic of Uzbekistan in the country has been done the hugest work on modernization and equipment by the modern outfit practically in all branches of economy.

On August, 25th, 2011 in the national press centre of Uzbekistan has taken place the press conference on a theme: «the Basic priority tasks in maintenance of the internal consumer market with a foodstuff, about the spent works on modernization and modernization of industrial shops, and also branch long-term plans». In press conference have taken part Heads of joint-stock company "Uzdonmahsulot", foreign information agents and employees of mass media.
Flour manufacture is carried out on 58 mills, mixed fodders on 45 department, macaroni foods in 25 shops, and bread and bakery products in 40 small bakeries.
At the branch enterprises are available 63 friction seed separator shops.
On mills of the enterprises of branch it is developed 3 grades of flour and 2 grades of semolina, 90 % of mills have the flexible technological scheme that gives the chance development of any grades of flour.
Modernization is spent to the period for 1991-2010 on 22 mills, 21 new mills are placed in operation.
During press conference by joint-stock company " Uzdonmahsulot " is presented the full information on questions feed mill  industry, equipment of industrial laboratories by definition of quality of grain and finished goods, and also maintenance of safety food to production.
Following the results of press conference representatives of mass media have received exhaustive answers to all questions put by them.

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