The "World of seven billions"

Already throughout more than twenty years annually on July, 11th in Uzbekistan is celebrated the World day of population.
The purpose of the given action is attraction of public’s attention to important questions. Thus, this year Committee of women of Uzbekistan together with Fund of the United Nations in the field of the population, hokimiyats of Tashkent city and Chilanzar area have carried out action in honor of the World day of population. This year the World day of population will mark the beginning of the international campaign. This company takes place under the slogan "World of seven billions".
The humanity has reached a point in 7 billion persons. The given campaign will unite thousand people for concrete actions.
The action program was included a sport marathon with participation about hundred activists-women.
Also there was a competition of children's drawings by a chalk on asphalt on a theme "The World of seven billions". And still - performance of creative ensembles. Winners and participants received memorable prizes from organizers. Event has taken place in park by  Gafur Gulom.
The purpose of the given action – is attention of the public to the world’s problems. These questions are such  the population and social - economic development. A special role of youth and motherhood was on the agenda too.
The organization of a marathon and creative competition should attach youth to sports.
The Fund of population and Committee of women of Uzbekistan work together already more than ten years. They work over such questions as strengthening of a role of women in a society, increase of literacy of the population in questions of reproductive health, and also advancement of a healthy way of life among teenagers.
The organization of sports meets became good tradition of the given organizations.
Easy approach of women to the information is one of the basic principles of campaign "The World of seven billions".
Campaign which has begun in Day of  population will proceed till the end of October, 2011. Celebrating of Day of seventh billion and publication by Fund of the Report on population becomes its culmination.
Throughout all this period  population Fund in Uzbekistan together with national partners  plans to spend a number of public actions. For note, a major landmark in seven billions with involving of the population, representatives of mass-media and active workers.

Minaev M. {jcomments on}