Top 10 ecologically clean places on Earth

Today we present you top 10 ecologically clean places on Earth. Some of them are not too comfortable for man though they preserved their natural state.

1. Altay
Altay is one of the cleanest places in Russia. Salubrious air of Altay combines with its crystal-clean lakes and vast forests. UNESCO pays great attention to the preservation of Altai eco-systems. Altai medicinal herbs are famous world-wide.
2. National Reserves of Chili

Thousands of kilometers of virgin forests and ultimately clean air. Unfortunately, today they suffer forest fires pretty much. Hectares of that “lungs of South America” get destroyed annually.
3. Baykal Lake

Baykal is still one of the cleanest places of Russia despite the human expansion to the eco-system of the region. In spring the transparency of Baykal’s waters let one see the bottom at the depth of 40 meters. The deepest lake in the world preserves its unique eco-system which is the thing of interest for thousands of scientists and researchers all over the world.
4. Osa peninsula, Costa-Rica – lungs of the planet

Virgin forests of Osa are strictly protected by the government. Amateurs of primordial beauty are also seduced by the wonderful beach Playa Matapalo which is part of the National Reserve.

5. Namibia – one of the less inhabited countries

A great portion of the Namibia’s territory is Namib desert. In Namibia one can take a look at volcanic craters, waterfalls and gigantic dunes.
6. Galapagos

Place of inhabitance for iguana, turtles, penguins, whales, and hundreds of fish species. This paradise corner is biological reserve. Only 23.000 people live in Galapagos Archipelago.
7. Atakama desert in Chili

There is no rain, but only salt pools, lava and sand. Despite the fact that soils are lifeless and air is very dry, the absence of noise and radiation lets Atakama to be proudly called an ecologically safe place.
8. Fjordlend

Place to the south-west from New Zealand, barely researched by people. Wild nature surrounded by rocks and lakes was hardly touched by civilization. Fjordlend boasts the cleanest air on Earth as the nearest industrial enterprise is situated thousands of kilometers away.
9. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the less researched places in the world. Scientists still expect to find new species of plants and animals. Eco-systems are mostly untouched due barely passable landscape, expensive infra-structure and law collisions. That is the reason why the citizens of Papua New Guinea enjoy the life in primordial eco-system.
10. Antarctica
Antarctica is the cleanest continent on Earth. It is protected from the human intervention by the shield of ice covering 98% of its territory. Only 1000 men are located there in winter season and 500 men in summer season. On the east of Antarctica scientists found the quietest place on the planet – Ridge-A, with a lowest wind speed and lowest noise level. {jcomments on}