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   On 10 October 2010 the World Action Day took place in hundreds of countries of the world with the participation of hundreds thousands of people. This is the day of global joining of efforts of those who are ready to work hardly for more healthy and ecological friendly future and restoration of climatic balance of the Earth. This event was held under the motto ‘Starting the work!’
    On that day all over the world people gather together to set up solar batteries, heat houses, mount wind power stations, plant trees, open new bicycle paths, lay out new ecological clean kitchen-gardens and etc. The international climate movement is the organizer of this campaign.
    The purpose of this ecological initiative is the reduction of the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere to 350 particles per one million to save the Earth for the future generation. Now this concentration makes up 390 particles per one million. As the main inspirers and participants of the international climate movement consider it is the first really global public campaign against the climate change. Leading specialists, the governments of 117 countries and many different nature protection, ecological, human rights and public organizations are among its supporters. The participants of the global campaign are sure that present high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – 390 particles per one million causes damage to the Earth.
    For information: number ‘350’ means 350 particles of CO2 per one million particles of air. Following the conclusion of the scientists the level of CO2 in the atmosphere has now reached 390 particles per one million. Before the industrial period it made up 275 particles. James Hansen (the director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies) stated that this number should be 350; otherwise we would not avoid negative consequences for the Earth.
    Within the framework of the global campaign a number of events organized on the imitative of the Youth Ecological Network were held at the Tashkent city park named after Gafur Gulyam on 10 October 2010.
    The organizers named this original format of work with population the multi-action. It started at ten o’clock a.m. and included different master-classes, trainings and cognitive competitions aimed at broad audience.
    The master-classes on energy saving and alternative technologies were presented there. The participants received the unique opportunity to visually study different technologies and methods and learn to apply them. Small installations  were demonstrated to all willing. For example, on one of them you can boil a kettle of water in shirt time using solar energy and without spending electric power.
    The visitors of the park could get acquainted with the interesting school program on resources and energy saving which will start its work at some pilot schools of Uzbekistan already in this year. In the other corner of the park the activists offered to try to plant a tree and receive consultation of an expert on correct planting and care of trees.
    Fascinating games devoted to the problem of the climate change and alternative technologies were held in the park especially for the youngest participants of the event. Children could make small windmills with their own hands and learn what wind power is or test how a model biogas installation with the interesting name ‘Breath of Dragon’ works. The adults also actively took part in the master-classes. Children learned a lot of new information about climate change. The lovers of drawings and appliqu? work were offered to use their imagination and express their emotions in the ‘Creative corner of the kind mummy’.
    Besides that, the participants had the opportunity to show their knowledge in different quizzes and competitions and also enjoy watching interesting video-reels, devoted to the problems of the climate change.
    The activists of the Youth Ecological Network in the image of the heroes of the popular animation film ‘Sheck’, offered to all willing to enter the ‘Greens’.  Different organizations, youth movements and nature protection projects told the participants how to spend free time  for the sake of their own interest and use it for the benefit of  nature.
    The organizers of the action hope that this event has become the deserved part of the global movement for protection of climate and given to all its participants both good mood and a lot of useful information about this global problem and some ways of its resolution.

The information is provided by I.Gilfanova,
The member of the Youth Ecological Network of Uzbekistan  
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