MASHAV Projects in Uzbekistan

    Many Uzbekistan people have heard about the Israeli program MASHAV, but far from know what it means. Let us begin from its name and background. MASHAV is the abbreviation of the ‘Center of International Cooperation’. Since 1958 till recently the program was called so. In 2009 the name of the program of assistance to developing countries was changed for the Israeli Agency for International Cooperation for Development.
    MASHAV carries out courses, trainings, scientific conferences and seminars for specialists in such area as agriculture focused on the transition from traditional agriculture to intensive industrial agro-business; protection and improvement of environment and struggle against desertification; efficient use of water and land resources (Israel is also located in the desert zone); medicine – the highly developed area in Israel. Israeli doctors disclose their technologies and innovative approaches to foreign colleagues and carry out master-classes and trainings both in Israel and all over the world.
    MASHAV came to Uzbekistan with the establishment of the diplomatic relations between our countries. It has been actively working in the Republic since 1994. There are thousands of Uzbekistan people in the large MASHAV team. They took part in the MASHAV training courses in Israel and seminars and conferences held in all regions of Uzbekistan.
    The experts of MASHAV conducted trainings for farmers and scientific workers, employees of kindergartens and professors of higher educational institutions. Professional dialogue is always interesting for both parties. The Israelis learned much from their Uzbek colleagues. MASHAV always stands for mutual dialogue and cooperation.
    Moveable ophthalmological hospital came to Uzbekistan for four times. Hundreds of local patients were operated by the leading Israeli doctors and got rid of cataract and restored their vision with the help of artificial crystalline lens. In 2009 the joint project with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of cardiology and cardio-surgery was launched. The founder of the Israeli school of heart transplantation visited Uzbekistan and gave the cycle of lectures and master-classes for local doctors. Large capacity for further joint work is defined; the group of doctors from Uzbekistan is preparing to visit Israel to study modern advanced technologies and methods of treatment.
    The nurses were also involved into the training process. In 2001-2005 MASHAV jointly with USAID taught over 500 nurses from rural doctor’s points in Israel.
    Since 2008 MASHAV and UNDP jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan have been implementing the project on animal husbandry development. Pilot farms in the Tashkent province are modernized. At their example the farmers of the country can be convinced that our countries have much in common related to climatic conditions and methods of carrying out dairy business. The technologies that have brought to the intensification of dairy farms in Israel, work well in local conditions too. The resident MASHAB expert that daily supervises farming entities of the project, has been staying in Uzbekistan for three years. The seminars and conferences on fodder growing, design and construction of a dairy farm, veterinary aspects and cow’s health, artificial fertilization and etc were jointly held with UNDP within the framework of the project with the help of short-term missions of the best specialists – employees of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development.
    In 2010 MASHAV actively worked in close cooperation with the OSCE mission, the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTC), the Association of Farming Entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The trainings on struggle against desertification, efficient use of water resources and progressive methods of growing of fruit and vegetables products in greenhouses and in the open soil have been conducted in Tashkent, Nukus and Andijan.
    The trainings for specialists in early development of children and special methods of work with disable children were jointly held with the Republican Center of Children’s Social Adaptation in August 2010. The colleagues gathered in Tashkent and Bukhara; some technologies will be now used in Uzbekistan; MASHAV experts borrowed some methods. Uzbekistan has a large capacity and its professional experience is of great interest for foreign specialists. The positive experience was highly appreciated and in November 2010 the Israelis are expected to take part in the International Symposium on the problem of children’s development.
    The relation of Uzbekistan and Israeli people has many hundred years history. Jews came to this region very long ago and always were on good terms with their neighbours, contributed to the development and welfare of common home. Israel will never forget the help of Uzbekistan during the Second World War. Thousands of Jewish refugees, sacrifices of Nazism found the roof and home in Uzbekistan.
    Possessing such a history of relations and cooperation, MASHAV looks ahead with confident – we are ready to share our knowledge and experience with Uzbekistan people. Israel has what to share with. During 62 year development of the country it has passed through large and successful road. Our doors are opened for mutual development and cooperation in the sake of peace and common prosperity.

MASHAV coordinator in the Republic of Uzbekistan    
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