This Concerns Everyone

  Unfortunately, the visual perception of many people is such that in the certain moment the eye does not catch disorder; we are hurrying pass heaps of garbage without noticing them. With time one gets used to disorder; it becomes ordinary and usual. This is just the very dangerous feeling – indifference to the environment. 
    Tanzilya Mukhamedzsyanova, the master of the Tashkent State Technical University, the winner of the grant program for gifted students of 2007 has taken the attempt to stimulate an interest to usual and ordinary, but unecological and unaesthetic things.
    The opening of the personal photo exhibition of Tanziya Mukhamedzyanova ‘This Concerns Everyone’ took place at the Palace of Youth’s Creation on 19 November 2010 and was supported by the Fund Forum, British Council and the Center of Youth’s Initiatives ‘Kelajak Ovozi’. The exhibition is hold within the framework of the Awarding Ceremony of the winners of Fund Forum youth projects. It is original creative present to the winners of this year from the Club of the Fund Forum Graduates. The photo artist tried to bring the problems of environmental pollution home to people, gave examples of negative human influence on the nature by means of photos and artistic-expressive collages. Tashkent and its suburbs, paradise like places and also the places of rest and habitation, polluted by the inhabitants themselves are presented on the photos.
    The author tries to show polluted space around us by interesting methods of contrast and bright accents. She also shows the examples of clean natural environment with a gulp of fresh air that are effectively accentuated by the artistic photography. The exhibition where over 100 photo works of Tanzilya were presented, is held within the framework of the British Council project ‘Adaptation of the Population to Climate Changes’. It is necessary to mark that the exhibition is held in interactive format; the guests and visitors can take part in quizzes and survey, presentations and also in the discussion of environmental pollution problems. They can express their ideas and offer the resolutions of these problems. Besides the photos, the statistical data and short examples of destructive consequences of nature pollution will be presented.  The best ideas and proposals expressed during the discussion will be applied in practice within the framework of the British Council project ‘Adaptation of the Population to Climate Changes’. The exhibition will continue till 30 November.
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