All Secrets about Ozone

  The tasks of ecological education are: to attract attention to the problem of the ozone layer protection, give additional information on this topic, broaden the arsenal of methodological approaches of the specialists, working in the field of education and enlightenment, assist to formation of their ecological culture because in modern conditions ecological education and enlightenment are the basis of the process of harmonization of interaction of society and nature. Raising awareness of population about conservation of the ozone layer of the Earth envisages active involvement of the teachers of educational institutions of all levels and is actual because of following reasons: the fact of ozone depletion have been confirmed and it is serious threat to the life all over the world; current limitation of information on this topic in teaching aids; contradictional information on the ozone problem in mass media.
    Teachers of Tashkent schools took part in training seminar on the ‘Let us Protect the Ozone Layer – It will Protect Us – the Pedagogical Instruments of Ecological Education’ that was held at the Business Center ‘Poitakhat’ on 24 November. Training seminars are prepared and carried out by the National Ozone Office of the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the framework of implementation of the national program on stoppage of use of ozone –depleting substances.
    The training seminar was aimed at preparing of trainers from teachers community for the promotion of received knowledge about the ozone layer and skills of their use on the basis of pedagogical technologies in every district of the city. Conduct of such trainings for teachers from all provinces of Uzbekistan is planning in the near future.
   Employees of the Ozone Office and the Ecological Company ‘CHINOR’ prepared and published the methodological aid for teachers ‘Let us Preserve the Ozone Layer’, intended for additional education. The first issue of the aid was timed for the training seminar of the teachers of the Tashkent city. The aid can be used by teachers of natural sciences cycle, form masters on educational work and also in the course of organization of club work in summer camps. Published materials on the global ecological problem ‘Depletion of the Ozone Layer of the Earth’ received from many information sources of domestic and foreign authors and adopted with the consideration of the requirements of Uzbekistan educational standards were used in the development of this teaching aid. Besides the information block given in friendly and fascinating form, there is the rubric ‘To the Methodological Box of Teacher’ containing variants of different ecological games, through which children are getting new impressions and social experience. The aid is useful because it furthers to development of cognitive interest to the problem of depletion of the ozone layer of the Earth among pupils, broadens their ecological knowledge and forms the ecological culture and skills of responsible attitude to own health.
    Photo-chronicle of the seminar will be available at the gallery of  our site

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