The Presentation of the ‘Ecosan’ Action – ‘Revive the Tradition – Plant a Tree’

   To implement the state program ‘2010 – the Year of the Harmoniously Developed Generation’, the International Public Fund  ‘Ecosan’ jointly with the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan held the scientific and practical conference on the ‘Social and Ecological Peculiarities of Formation of the Harmoniously Developed Generation’ at the Academic Lyceum under the Tashkent Medical Academy.
    Before the beginning the conference, students and teachers of the lyceum and the Tashkent Medical Academy planted 1000 trees and laid the ‘Young Ecologists’ Garden’.
    Anvar Shermurotov, the director of the lyceum opened the conference with the introduction speech; Artur Mustafin, the deputy chairman of the Tashkent City Committee for Nature Protection and Turdikul Bobomurodov, the vice-rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy congratulated the participants of the conference.
    Sharif Atabaev, the academician of the International Academy of Sciences on Ecology and Nature Protection, Mirkarim Mirsourov, the head of the department of the International Public Fund ‘Ecosan’, Sanjar Sharipov, the student of master course of the Tashkent Medical Academy and Mokhina Salimova, the student of the lyceum made presentations at the conference.
    The presentations highlighted different aspects of ecological problems, especially in connection with the International conference on ecology that was recently held in Tashkent and devoted to current situation around the Aral Sea, building of the Rangun hydroelectric station and other. All presentations called for solidarity and active participation in preservation of biodiversity in the Central Asian region.
    Speakers gave bright examples of current status of the Aral Sea, regional and global impact of its drying up on the environment.
    Members of the ‘Team of Young Ecologists’ organized performances, the documentary film ‘Steppe that has not been Marked in the Map’ devoted to the Aral Sea problem was shown there.
    The exhibition of the creative works of students that took part in the competition ‘We are Friends of Nature’ was presented at the lobby of the lyceum.
    The participants of the conference approved the appeal to the Uzbekistan youth in view of the ‘Ecosan’ action ‘Revive the Tradition – Plant a Tree’.
    Kamiljan Juraev, the deputy chairman of the International Public Fund ‘Ecosan’ presented books, posters, maps, video cassettes on ecology to the lyceum as the humanitarian aid. The conference took a decision to activate the work on promotion of environmental protection and introduction of the initiatives and ideas on resolution of ecological problems.
    There was also taken a decision to jointly with the ‘Ecosan’ to announce the competition on the topic of this conference and to summarize its results by the ‘Nowruz’ holiday 2011.
    The participants and organizers of the conference consider that it has achieved its goal: it gave the newest information on ecological problems including the Aral Sea Problem to the youth. It will support them in deepening of their knowledge, particularly in medical profession.

the head of the Public Relations Department of the International Fund ‘Ecosan’.  
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