Presented the fourth edition of the Red Book of Uzbekistan

On May 6th was presented an updated fourth edition of the Red Book of Uzbekistan. Event was organized by - the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection and Ecological Publishing Company «CHINOR ENK».
Biological diversity in the world disappears with an alarming rate. Currently is estimated, that varying degrees of endangerment have 3400 species of plants and 5200 animal species, including each one out of eight bird species and nearly a quarter of mammal species.

Humanity approached perilously close to edge of coexistence with almost all inhabitants of Earth, which are in constant relationship with each other, obeying the laws of nature and creating a live shell. Slowly destroying the vital living shell - the biosphere, humanity threatens primarily its prosperous existence.
The modern fauna of vertebrates in Uzbekistan consists 677 species (108 species of mammals, 432 species of birds, 58 species of reptiles, 2 species of amphibians and 77 species of fishes), invertebrate fauna is estimated at least 15,000 species. The modern flora of the Republic of Uzbekistan has about 45,000 species of wild plants and more than 2000 fungi. Among them are nearly 400 rare, endemic and relic species.
For those not devoted to this topic people, these numbers may seem impressive. But, unfortunately, in recent years of its existence, the Red Books are becoming bigger, that indicates a sad and negative, the ongoing process of the widespread loss of biodiversity. Getting into lists of Red books, the flora and fauna receive hope for the survival, protection and support in acquiring, are brought into sharper focus by the state of conservation.
Conducting research on the objects of the Red Book, updating its lists and content is an extremely important and difficult work. In Uzbekistan, the Red Book is updated according to the established order, every five years. That advantageously distinguishes these works on re-release of the Red Book, such as Kazakhstan. Last time it was republished in 1996, and was published only 3 editions. In Kyrgyzstan, there were 2 editions; the second was republished in 2006.
In Turkmenistan being prepared for publication third edition of the Red Book, and in Tajikistan have already passed 22 years after the last release of the Red Book.
Interagency Commission, working on two volumes of the fourth edition of the Red Book of Uzbekistan was presented in an enlarged membership of 35 persons representing NPTSP "Botanica", Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Institute for Zoology, Main Forestry Department under Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan Branch of the Institute of Bio-ecology, Uzbekistan Academy of leading staff members of Biocontroll SCNP of Republic Uzbekistan, scientists from Ferghana, Nukus, Bukhara and Karshi public universities, under the chairmanship of Doctor of Biological Sciences Tashmuhamedov B. O.
In the first edition of the Red Book of Uzbekistan (1984) included 163 plant species are threatened with extinction. The second has 301 species in the third edition of the 302 species of vascular plants and 3 species of fungi. The fourth edition has included 324 species, of which 321 species of vascular plants and 3 species of fungi.














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