Ecological quiz «We are children of a native land»

Ecological education –is the important element for health of children. Intellectually healthy generation will be steady against external negative influences. Environmental contamination amplifying in last years concerns negative influences.

As is known, the basic development of young generation takes place in educational institutions. During formation in the subjects interconnected with each other, such as the culture, economy, ideology, technical progress at young generation extends an outlook, level of knowledge, health raises. In turn healthy children become patriots of the Native land, aspire to keep the nature and culture of a native land.
In sphere of continuous ecological formation in preschool centers children get acquainted with surrounding nature, in initial classes they study such subjects, as Improvement, Natural History and Natural study.
By the way, by means of ecological formation it is necessary to inspire to children feeling of the careful relation to an animal and flora, to impart it ecological culture. Level of ecological formation day by day grows in our country at schools, as the certificate growth of quantity of interesting actions for children can serve it.
In school 251 there has taken place a fascinating meeting. During a meeting among pupils has been organized the ecological quiz under the name “We children of a native land”. Pupils have enriched the knowledge on various cities of Uzbekistan, by the nature and climatic conditions of various regions, on vegetative and to fauna. Besides, children have organized an exhibition of the drawings on ecological subjects. Then, following the results of a quiz, representatives of various printing editions, have awarded winners with new books, manuals and posters. It has been organized the frank exchange of opinions, experience of teachers on problems of ecological formation.


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