“Spring Alive” program in Uzbekistan

BirdLife International announces the educational program “Spring Alive” for Uzbekistan.  This program is realized by partnering environmental organizations in 46 countries already. Anyone interested in bird watching can participate. The program starts on 13 of March 2013.
The essence of the program is to watch the spring migration of birds. For that matter, Spring Alive has chosen five species that are most typical heralds of the spring in many countries. They are white stork, common swift, common cuckoo, barn swallow, European bee-eater. For every participating country there is a special website where anyone can mark their spots of these migrating birds.
In the beginning of 2012 BirdLife has started a special interactive website for Uzbekistan located at http://www.springalive.net. Today this website is being filled with necessary content. The info is presented in three languages (Russian, Uzbek and English) in order to increase the audience. Despite the fact, that some pages of the website are still under construction, we invite you to visit it. Look through its pages and you will find a lot of interesting information about birds, migration, and also you’ll find funny games and links to other projects concerning birds.
Thanks to your participation employees of BirdLife International and Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds will be able to annually analyse data on the first encounters with migrating birds and watch for the changes in migration processes. {jcomments on}